How to Sim Unlock Samsung Galaxy

How to sim network unlock Samsung galaxy for at&t , t-mobile, Verizon, metropcs, orange or o2 sim.             

1st method to carrier unlock Samsung galaxy mobile:

                     This method can unlock any Samsung galaxy mobile. In this method we will find unlock code hidden inside stl5 /EFS folder.
                       You need computer, Samsung galaxy mobile, rooting software, super user apps, usb driver for galaxy mobile, android software developer kit –SDK, or ADB.
1. Connect Samsung galaxy to computer and install USB driver for or install Samsung kies. Make sure you install driver as per galaxy model.
2. Install rooting software on computer or install rooting app on mobile. In other word root your mobile.
3. Install super user app on your mobile.
4. Install android software developer kit or install ADB – android debug bridge on computer.
5. Enable USB debugging on Samsung galaxy. Connect galaxy mobile to computer.
6. Open command prompt and go to adb directory. Start ADB shell.
7. We are going to copy EFS partition which is stl5 and find the file named perso. Samsung galaxy unlock code reside in this file. We can open file in any hexa editor or browser which can open and view FAT or VFAT formatted files.
             Mount EFS partition by typing below command. You can use other command and parameter if you know Unix very well.                     
                  Mount –o nosuide.ronodev –t vfat /dev/ block/stL5. (EFS partition name in some galaxy mobile is stl4 but in most of the mobile it is stl5).
    Open parso file using this command cat /efs/mits/perso.txt. Sim Unlock Code for Samsung galaxy is inside perso file. It is of 8 digits. In perso file there are many 00 or ff or hh character and symbols. So check carefully and when you found unlock code note down on paper. Now you must unmount EFS partition otherwise your Samsung galaxy considered as bricked.
              You don’t want to root mobile. Then there are many free apps software which can backup mobile partition. You can download those apps. Those apps need supper user access. Grant super user access to those apps and backup EFS partition. Search perso.txt file for Galaxy Unlock Code inside it.
                  Start galaxy mobile with other sim card. You will see sim error message like network locked simcard inserted or invalid network sim, enter correct sim or enter network lock control key. Ask to enter network unlock code. Enter it and mobile is network unlocked. 

2nd method to Network Unlock Galaxy mobile:


                   Some suggest that twicking with EFS partition may damage your mobile. Some time your IMEI number become 00 or corrupted. Here I will go for other file where unlock code is hidden. Path is /dev/block/bml5.
                 We already rooted galaxy mobile and we have installed super user. Just go to command prompt and use below command.
At adb shell $
Cat /dev/block/bml5 >  /sdcard/bml5.bml. 
                                       This will copy file to sd card now transfer to computer. Open this file in hexa editor or browser which can view FAT or VFAT file. Find 8 digit IMEI Unlock Code for Samsung Galaxy.  You will find unlock code 2 to 3 places on this file.  Process for t-mobile or at&t mobile is same for galaxy mobile. Once you get unlock code start galaxy mobile with other sim like Fido sim, roger sim, MetroPCS or bell telus sim. Enter 8 digit unlock code and mobile is unlocked.

3rd  method for Samsung Galaxy Sim Unlock :


  Latest galaxy mobiles are locked at boot level. For that you need to trick with boot partition to unlock galaxy. I have explained this method in detail at t-mobile unlock for Samsung galaxy, LG, Nokia or Motorola.  Here I will brief you about that method.
           For this 3 method, you need to dump or copy boot partition or bootloader. Go to ADB shell and copy boot partition. Open that partition. There is software code inside this partition. Which force to enter unlock code when you insert other sim. If you modify that code or modify this partition and re flash to galaxy mobile. Then mobile will be unlocked for all CDMA and GSM sim card.
            Some of the galaxy mobile are REGION LOCKED and to unlock those galaxy mobile you need defreeze code and nck code.

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