Lg Mobile Imei Unlock Codes

LG Unlock Codes from Imei & how to get LG Sim Carrier Network Unlock Pin.

        There are different ways LG mobile can be network locked. Lg Mobile can be locked at IMEI number. That is carrier GSM locking and at android operating system boot level that is software locking.     

1st method - Recover Sim network unlock pin that is hidden within LG android smartphone.


       For this find any good android root explorer for LG mobile. Then connect lg smartphone with computer. Enable USB debugging on lg phone before connecting to computer. Browse root folder and find /root/carrier folder. It may have lg unlock code hidden within carrier folder. Also look for property file inside carrier folder. It may have network unlock code information.
                  You can also look at EFS folder as all mobile network and IMEI related information are here. Also look at dev/block folder and at boot partition. Look for NV data file or folder. NV data stand for non- volatile memory. It has sim network related information and also sim locking information.
           You can search unlock.bin, network unlock or sim unlock file under lg smartphone file system. It is not necessary that such file always exist on LG. 1st method for LG unlocking is just a tricks. 

2nd method Unlocking lg mobile with unlocking codes.


There are mainly two type of unlock code generated.
1)    Network unlock codes / network carrier code/ NCK. These codes also known as IMEI unlock codes. IMEI unlocking is most widely used unlocking technique.
2) Service provider unlock pin / SPCK.
3) There are also sub provider lock code, unfreeze code and regional code but these are rarely used.
        To generate unlock code you need cellphone IMEI,MCC –country code (for USA it is 310), MNC -network code(different for different Sim provider) and serial no of sim card. Nowadays serial number is not required.
    There are many applications available on play store and android store from which you can generate IMEI sim unlock code for carrier sim card. Find application for LG mobile model. Once you generated sim network unlock pin as per lg mobile. Below is the imei unlocking code instruction for lG cellphones.
Step1:- Power on phone without Sim card.
Step2:- open Sim unlock menu sequence by typing code   2945#*Lg model no#.
For example Lg D801 enter code 2945#*801#.
Step3:- message display phone restricted or Please call your network provider to get the unlock code. Ask for Sim Network Unlock Pin.
Step4:- enter GSM Sim Unlock pin. Click done. LG phone says code accepted or network unlocked successfully.
     If by chance you get message that unlock not successful. Then recheck you code before entering again as you have maximum 10 attempts to unlock cellphone.
      Lg dual sim mobile have two IMEI numbers. To check this go to setting- about phone – IMEI related information. Use first imei number for carrier unlock code generation.

Lg g3 gsm network unlock code guide.


Step 1:- power on phone fully charged.
Step 2:- open Sim Unlock menu sequence by typing code on keypad 2945#* lg g3 model no#.
For Lg g3 D851 enter code 2945#*851#.
Lg g3 d852 enter code 2945#*852#.
 Lg d3 d853 enter code 2945#*853#.


Step 3:-Select network lock or service provider lock depending upon how your lg g3 mobile locked.

Step 4:-Enter Sim Network Unlock Pin.
LG Sim Unlock

Step 5 :- done your lg g3 phone unlocked.

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