How to Sim Network unlock HTC SMARTPHONE

Different method for HTC network unlocking, how to find unlock code hidden inside android phone and how to generate sim unlock code.

First method to Unlock HTC mobile by finding unlocking code hidden inside HTC internal storage.

            Install android simulator on mobile, give superuser right to it. Or root mobile and install super user. Open ADB shell, run superuser code and type following command.
Su dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6 of=/sdcard/mmcblk0p6.
   Here su is super user, dd for disk double if= input file of= output file. Dev is device partition. This is UNIX command. If you are not sure which partition is having HTC IMEI Unlock Code. Then try this code cat /proc/partitions.  This will provide you, the list of partitions HTC have. Location of unlock code partition is different for different android operating system. So for android pie 9, Oreo 8 and nougat 7.0 may have different partition for Carrier Unlock Code. Most of those mobile are locked at bootloader level, so way of sim unlocking for those mobile is different.
          This will copy partition to external sdcard. This partition has htc sim unlock code.

                     Download a hexa editor on computer, connect SD card and open partition in hexa editor. Your unlock code is in hexa language. Now convert hexa to decimal and you have Sim Network Unlock Code for HTC smartphone.

            Insert other company sim card to HTC. And start mobile. You will be prompted to enter sim network unlock pin. Enter code and HTC mobile is sim unlocked.

HTC Unlock

2nd method gets Unlock Code from gsm sim provider.

To get unlock code from service provider you have following requirement.
1) Fully paid undue amount.
2) MetroPCS, cricket wireless, At&t  sim card, it is require that sim must active more than 50 to 90 days. There is no complaint against IMEI number and settlement amount is paid in advance. Contact customer care of respective GSM sim. They will provide unlock code. Metropcs and t-mobile have their own device unlock app pre-installed on mobile. Connect to WiFi network and run device unlock app. App starts connecting to server, verify IMEI number and unlock it. You even don’t need to contact customer care.

3rd Generate Unlock Code for HTC mobile.

               You can generate unlock code for HTC mobile from IMEI. To find IMEI number, go to setting about phone – IMEI information. You will find IMEI. if you have dual sim, then there are two IMEI number. First IMEI is master slot imei number and use this IMEI number for unlock code. You can also generate unlock code for Samsung, LG, Nokia mobile by this method.
Provide following details 1)IMEI number,
2) Carrier with smartphone locked – carrier mean GSM or CDMA network service provider like sprint, Verizon, t-mobile, at&t, roger, bell, Vodafone, orange, o2, tracfone etc.
3) Country where mobile is network locked. USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France.

          There are many apps and software which can generate HTC unlock code as per mobile model. These can generate four kind of unlock code. NCK, SCK, SPCK and UNFREEZE or Defreeze code. Normally NCK is smartphone network unlock code.

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