How to Network Unlock At&t Mobile

How to Network Unlock At&t mobile sim for LG, Samsung galaxy, iPhone, Nokia, HTC and Motorola all models.

I am showing you 3 different methods for carrier IMEI unlocking At&t mobile sim.

1st method recover IMEI Unlock Code house inside At&t phone.

                  You can find unlock code under dev/ block/ folder on your mobile or also check inside root/carrier folder this is for older android smartphone. In newer version mobile are locked at boot level. You can find network unlock code house inside boot partition.
             You can use software app which can backup mobile partition. Or use below method before that First take backup of all important files and folders on mobile. 

1. Download USB driver. Now to check that proper driver are installed. Connect At&t mobile to computer and it will be recognized under my computer.
2. root your mobile. Samsung mobile are rooted by different software. LG Nokia need different software. Use proper rooting software. Rooting may heat up your mobile CPU and may cause damage. Rooting software are in PC version and mobile version.
3. Install super user on mobile and also on computer if possible.
4. Now download SDK - software developer kit and install on computer or at least download ADB and FASTBOOT. ADB is act as a bridge between computer and android devices. While fastboot can rewrite system partition.  
5. Once installed all needed software. Enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking. Go to setting – developer option – under this you will find above option. When you are enable OEM unlock it may ask for screen unlock code.
6. Boot Mobile in bootloader or FASTBOOT mode. And dump boot partition of At&t mobile. At ADB shell use following command.

dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/aboot  of=/sdcard/aboot.img
    This will copy aboot=bootloader to sdcard. In Motorola mobile instead of aboot it may be motoboot.
  Now copy that file to computer use below command.
 pull /sdcard/backup/aboot.mbn  /home/admin or your computer login username folder/ desktop/ mobile unlock folder.

                      Let me brief you when you start mobile. It first loads primary bootloader or fix ROM that is not re-writable. Then secondary boot loader,then trustzone tz and then aboot. This aboot will prompt for unlocking code if you insert different sim other then At&t sim. Now if you open aboot in hexa editor then it will show like this sbl1.mbn, sbl2.mbn, sbl3.mbn, aboot.mbn and tz.mbn. Now script code which prompt unlock code is house inside this aboot. So find start and end point of script code inside aboot. Modify it and reflash to mobile system. This will not ask for unlock code when you insert other sim. Also ATT Sim Unlock Code house within this boot partition I think. But it may be encrypted. You have backup of boot partition. Open it in hexa editor and look for unlock code hidden inside it.
                   Motorola or htc mobile then unlock code house inside this partition. Mmcblk0p6 is partition on htc. Su dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6 of=/sdcard/mmcblk0p6. This Motorola or htc unlock code is in hexa decimal. Open it in hexa editor and convert it to decimal and then enter as Sim Network Unlock Pin.

At&t Sim Unlock


Method 2: Generate Unlock Code for At&t mobile from IMEI.

You can easily generate unlock code from At&t mobile imei number. There are many apps software available to generate unlock code for lg, Samsung, iPhone, Nokia or Motorola. You need

1) IMEI number of At&t mobile.

2) Make and model number of At&t mobile. Lg ThinQ, Samsung galaxy s10, Nokia 5g phone or Lumia, Motorola moto 5g,
3) Location country where mobile is locked.
4) MCC / Mobile Country Code for at&t USA=301, UK=234, Canada=302.
5) MNC / Mobile Network Code for  at&t USA  are 070,090.
At&t Mexico MNC=334 and MNC at&t Mexico is =010,050.
      This software and apps generate four kind of unlock codes 1. NCK 2. SPCK 3. Defreeze or unfreeze code 4.NSCK. Here NCK is your Sim Network Unlock Code. Once unlock codes are generated use below steps for unlocking smartphone.

Lg At&t unlock steps.

Power on device and enter code 2945#*7101#. Select setting – tap on security – select option sim lock – network – then deactivate – now enter 8 digit NCK network unlock code for lg. ATT lg mobile is unlocked and it is free from at&t network.

Samsung At&t mobile unlocking procedure.

Power on Samsung mobile with other carrier sim like t-mobile, roger, Fido, cricket. Enter code #7465625*638*. Enter unlock code for Samsung mobile. You get successful unlock, Network Lock deactivated. Your Samsung mobile is unlocked. Different Samsung galaxy model has different steps.

At&t Nokia unlock steps:

Start Nokia mobile with other sim card. Now sim unlock dialog box will open. Enter 8 or sometime 20 digit Nokia LUMIA unlock code. Tap enter. Your Nokia lumia is unlocked.  Motorola and htc unlock procedure is same as above.

3rd method for unlocking At&t SIM and mobile:

Here we get unlock code from at&t itself. For that you must have used at&t sim or mobile for 60 days. You have fully paid your remaining amount of ATT mobile. Go to Atnt site and submit unlock request. You will get email with unlock code within 2 to 3 days.    

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