Upcoming 5g Mobile Confirm List

List of 5G supported devices.      

 There are many mobile company has announced 5G smartphone launch this year. But no one has shown details about upcoming 5G mobile. But initially 5G mobile can work with both 4g and 5G network. At many cities cellular network are roll out with 5G network and market for 5G mobile is ready. Here is the possible list of upcoming 5G mobile. When actual model and hardware specification are declared post will be updated accordingly.
Verizon launch two 5G smartphone along with Motorola and Samsung this year.
Huawei will launch foldable 5G mobile at mobile world congress event.
Samsung will launch 5G mobile with Verizon and At&t.
Google will release 5g supported device mostly pixel series mobile. Google also develop operating system for 5g mobile.
Xiaomi has already shown its 5G model  Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G. Xiaomi Mi Mix has Oreo operating system, octa core processor, 6 GB Ram and 128GB storage.
Sprint will launch 5G phone with LG.
Honor will release 5G mobile in second quarter of 2019.
Oneplus will release 5G phone in 2019. It has Qualcomm snapdragon processor. Oneplus mainly target UK and Europe market.
Vivo and Nubia will launch 5G mobile this year. Nubia is working with Qualcomm and definitely have snapdragon processor.
Telstra will release 5G mobile for Australia this year.
Intel is developing processor 8161 5G processor chip and XMM 8160 modem for 5G phone. It is rumor that apple iPhone have Intel chip.
Nokia will launch 5g mobile and Nokia also provide hardware devices for 5g cellular network.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone detail specification

     Samsung has announced galaxy s10 5G supported smartphone on 20 February, 2019. Samsung galaxy s10 5G mobile will be available in store from mid 2019. It will support high frequency band above 24 GHz mm wave spectrum as well as it will support low sub 6 GHz band. So it is real 5g supported Samsung galaxy mobile. It has 6 camera and supports HDR10 videos. Android operating system is android pie 9.0 and one UI. One UI is custom android operating system developed by Samsung.
      For USA, China and Latin America processor is octacore snapdragon 855. While Middle East, Africa processor will be Exynos 9820. It has 8GB RAM and internal storage is 256 GB.
Samsung Galaxy Fold also 5G supported Mobile.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G mobile is announced.

 It is first LG 5G supported mobile. It is also support to 4G LTE Advanced. It has award winning OLED TV technology display screen and 5 cameras. It has 3 rear cameras. If you register for it you will get free second year warranty. Sprint will provide this mobile for USA. So it will available as unlocked LG or sim network locked sprint LG V50 ThinQ 5G foldable phone. LG v50 has octacore snapdragon 855 chip-set, android pie 9.0 operating system, dual screen, 6GB RAM, 128 GB storage and has additional memory slot.

Huawei has just launched Huawei Mate X 5G foldable smartphone. 5G Huawei Mate X has 5g modem processor chipset belong 5000. You can get very high speed. It was tested in sub 6 GHz band. It has dual sim, master sim slot support 5G network while other sim for 2G, 3G and 4g network. Huawei Mate X is first 5G mobile from huawei. It has four internal 5G antennas for very high speed.  Huawei mate has android pie 9 os with EMUI. Emui improve system performance by 12 % and reduce application startup time efficiently. Support wide range of Wi-Fi standard. Ideal condition it can charge 85 percentage battery in 3 minutes.

Verizon offer 5G Motorola moto Z3 

mobile with 5g Moto mode from April 11, 2019. It also known as moto 5g. It has Qualcomm snapdragon processor. Which can automatically shift to 4g network when 5g network unavailable. It has very low latency which allows to play cloud gaming without interruption or hang.
Motorola Samsung Lg Huawei 5G Mobile Confirm List


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + and note 10 5G:

   Samsung galaxy note available in two size note ten screen size is 6.3 while Samsung Galaxy note 10 + size is 6.8. Screen is Dynamic AMOLED which makes view very clear even at any angle. And even at corner space is occupy by screen so you have larger screen size. Same features as galaxy edge. Fingerprint scanner is also inside screen .Galaxy note 10 plus 5G model available from end of August 2019. Galaxy note 10 have 8 GB RAM and Galaxy Note 10 Plus 12 GB RAM. Note 10 5g model will have 12 GB RAM.

It supports power share reverse charging. Many of galaxy s series mobile and Note series mobile support this.
Latest 5G Mobile List

    Galaxy note 10 Plus LTE model have dual sim support. You can remove sd card and place hybrid sim slot for second sim card. Wi-Fi 6 and LTE support speed up to 2 Gbps. S pen is new accessory.  Android pie 9 and Samsung one UI operating system. Processor are Samsung Exynos 7nm 9825 or snapdragon 855 depending upon country. Two types of models which support 4g LTE and upcoming 5G network. Price is in the range from 1000 to 1120 Dollar and price of 5g model will be around 1200 dollar. Sim Network unlock galaxy note 10 and note 10 plus will be available at T-Mobile, Verizon, At&t, sprint, Bell, TELUS, o2 and orange.

Vivo IQOO Pro 5G will Release during August 2019. having snapdragon processor and 8 GB RAM. It has Super AMOLED screen and costing around 650$.

   5G mobile price – price depend on whether it retail or on monthly plan. Or it is prepaid or postpaid mobile. On discount price will be less.

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