Different methods to find IMEI number of iPhone and android mobile.


1) EFS folder and QCN Qualcomm Calibration Network file has IMEI information.

2) Go to setting / about phone / IMEI related information. If you have dual SIM mobile. Then there is two IMEI number. SIM 1 IMEI number is master and SIM 2 IMEI number is slave. For IMEI Unlocking SIM 1 IMEI number is used.


3) Use  USSD code to get IMEI.  *#*#4636#*#*, *#06# and *#01#.

Open dial pad and type *#*#4636#*#*. Tap on Phone Information. Here you fetch IMEI number on top.



4) If you have added Google account. Then sign in to account. Go to manage my Google account. Select Security /Devices. Tap on find my devices. Tap on symbol I in circle. Here you can see IMEI number as shown in image below.

Find iPhone IMEI number

5) Some iPhone and iPad has IMEI number written on back of device or back cover. IMEI number is also written on iPhone SIM tray.

6) IMEI is written on mobile bill and battery sticker.

7) When you register on carrier network. Carrier can see IMEI number. Every carrier has EIR Equipment Identity Register data. You can contact carrier for IMEI number.