Foldable Smartphone Specification Features & Configuration detail

Information about FOLDABLE Smartphone of Xiaomi, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Huawei, TCL and Oppo.

           Smartphone industry is getting so much attention. At present mobile technology is in big transformation face. 5G roll out is going on worldwide and now foldable phones are started to launch. Xiaomi company has just share its foldable phone model. Xiaomi foldable smartphone has three screens and folding back side.  When folded it look like normal smartphone. So idea is your front screens of foldable mobile remain open and not covered by other screens.

                But problem arise is where should have back camera it must not possible on back side of front screen.  As it is covered by adjacent back screen when folded. And if camera on back side of front screen of foldable mobile then it require to unfold smartphone to use camera.

               Xiaomi will officially launch this foldable smartphone either at mobile world congress event or may arrange launch on 20 February 2019. Yet name of the Xiaomi foldable mobile not revealed. It may be xiaomi MI foldable or dual fold Xiaomi smartphone. Yet official configurations are not disclosed. Certainly it has Xiaomi’s custom operating system MIUI / MI User Interface, 8GB or more RAM, at least octacore processor, 128GB or more storage. MIUI is Xiaomi smartphone operating system which is modified version of android operating system.

Foldable Smartphone
               Benefit of foldable phone is, it has feeling of tablet and notebook. This will open new scope for smartphone to take place of tablet. Still in office environment work, tablet is first option for compact devices. Now foldable smartphone compete with tablets.

         In 2019 we definitely have foldable mobile available commercially. These features attract many customers. Each year smartphone industries have new innovation. This year we find two 1) foldable smartphone and other is 2) 5G smartphone.
       Samsung has already shown its foldable mobile. Oppo, huawei also plan to launch foldable phone. Google will build android OS specifically for foldable screen.
      Most of the latest Apple, Samsung, LG smartphone are available on prepaid or retail unlocked condition at t-mobile, at&t store. Vodafone also provides Xiaomi Redmi mobiles.

Samsung Galaxy Fold flex display detail configuration features.

Latest Foldable Mobile

Samsung slogan for Samsung galaxy fold is we are not only changing shape of phone but we are changing shape of tomorrow. Samsung galaxy fold will be available from May 2019. It has two version one for 4g LTE and another is 5g supported. T-mobile will sell galaxy fold for USA. It has two screens which open like notebook.
 Galaxy fold has 12 GB RAM, internal storage 512. It has two battery and total 6 cameras. It has super AMOLED flex display with screen size 7.3 inch. It has snapdragon 855 processor chipset and android pie 9.0 operating system. 


Lg V50 ThinQ 5G foldable mobile has dual screen so we can consider it as foldable phone. It has android pie 9.0 operating system with LG self developed android custom skin LG UX. It has two front camera and tree rear camera and OLED screen. Lg dual screen will benefit most in gaming, video calling and you will get 3 preview screens. In gaming you can use one screen as game pad. You can do two simultaneous video calls. It will available in as unlocked LG mobile as well as LG sprint sim network locked. LG V50 ThinQ 5G has snapdragon processor, 128 internal storage and 6GB RAM.
Dual Screen Mobile


Huawei Mate X Foldable 5G smartphone is having two screens. It has huawei belong 5000 processor, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB internal storage and android pie 9.0 operating system. Unfoldable screen 8 inch, folded 6.6 inch and thickness very thin 5.4mm. Screen open in reverse notebook type. Camera at side panel and it allows to fix second screen in it.
Foldable 5G Mobile

Oppo also displays foldable phone but not confirm launch of the phone.

TCL has also shown foldable mobile which is available in 2020. It has show different type of foldable phone.

Foldable mobile price: price depends on country currency, prepaid or post paid mobile. Or unlocked foldable mobile or sim carrier locked mobile.

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