Iphone icloud activation lock unlocking

Unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad, apple watch. 

This method also work with latest iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 5G, iPhone xs and iPhone xs max.

You can remove iCloud activation lock by following four way.

     1)   Turn off find my iPhone or find my apple watch from iPhone.
     2)   Delete apple id associate with apple devices. 
     You can recover apple id and password using recovery mobile number, recovery email address and recovery key
     You can produce original bill having IMEI number. Contact Apple support desk. They can factory restore iPhone and Unlock iCloud lock.
     3)   Or update apple database associated with iPhone IMEI. I mean to say remove login credential associated with iPhone.
      4)    Restore custom firmware having find my iPhone services turn off. You can do this by entering into DFU mode of iPhone and then restore iPhone with custom firmware. You should first download custom firmware as per iPhone model.

To turn off find my iPhone service or to delete apple id linked with iPhone, you need apple id passcode.  There are some apps and site which can remove iCloud lock. There are also iPhone data recovery software are available which can recover passcode. But most of them are paid services. And success rate is not high.

Here is some tricks which can unlock iCloud lock


I don’t think it can permanently unlock iPhone but you can try.
Start iPhone. Choose country then in quick start menu – tap on set up manually.
It may take few minutes to activate iPhone. When you see this on screen. Press home button and the WiFi setting. You can see unlock apple menu. Click i-information button adjacent to Unlock Apple. Now tap on configure dns - then tap on manual and – tap on add server.

 Here add IP address as per your country. This IP address is changed frequently and it is different for different country. So search latest and add it.

 Also add search domain name and add another server. You can find latest details on internet as this information are changed frequently.

What is iCloud lock or activation lock on iPhone iPad or apple watch ?


                When you have activated find my iPhone / find my devices services on iPhone. It asks for apple id and password, that is associated with iPhone to Unlock iPhone. Without it you cannot use iPhone. And if iPhone is in working condition. I mean to say if it is turned on and you have access to screen. You cannot erase data or add new apple id or delete apple id without old apple id and passcode. This is called apple iCloud lock. If you have lost iPhone and owner of iPhone has activated find my device. You are not able to log into iPhone without iCloud unlock. This is similar to apple watch iCloud lock in which when find my apple watch services is on. When you turn on apple watch, it asks for apple id and passcode to get access to screen. Same services is on android devices which is called Google full reset protection. In which it ask for Gmail password for unlock smartphone. 
Turn off activation lock go to setting – tap on iCloud – turn off find my iPhone. To turn off activation lock on apple watch – open watch application on iPhone –tap on apple watch and turn off find my apple watch.

         Now to understand iCloud lock. You must learn how apple keep it’s all devices details at one data base called apple global service exchange.
           For example you buy new iPhone from apple store. You are provided bill with IMEI number. Now apple store this iPhone IMEI details on apple database server. So that iPhone warranty, part details, date of purchase, invoice details and any service details can be linked with iPhone IMEI number. When you set up iPhone, it ask for apple id and password. You enter apple id and password. This details also linked with that IMEI number.

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