Tactics to Unlock Google account lock and how to Unlock FRP lock.

You can unlock Google pixel, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Xiaomi MI, One plus and other android mobile using this stratagem.

Ensue these steps will eventuate to Google account recovery.

1) Use same computer / mobile / devices which you have used for that Google account. Precisely you have lastly used devices. Pre-eminent is to use Google account verified devices.

2) Use same browser Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge /safari that you have used with Gmail account. Browser on which you have successfully logged in last time. Best is you have not deleted cookies or temp file of browser.

3) Use same internet connection WI-Fi, router or mobile data. Use same internet service provider or SIM network carrier for internet connection.

4) Use same location area, where you have successfully logged in Google account.

5) If you have static ip address for internet, than apply same static ip address for Gmail account recovery. If you are getting dynamic ip address for internet, then use same DHCP server. Do not change gateway of router. Use same router gateway.

   Ensue these step will derive in Gmail Account Recovery successfully. You can unlock Google account lock and also remove FRP lock on mobile. FRP is Full Reset Protection for lost mobile.


Here I suggest another way to get Gmail account recovery using recovery mail.

In this method Google do not ask to send verification code to mobile and recovery email address. Even you do not have recovery mobile number still you can recover Google account.

1) First log in with your recovery account on Google Chrome.

2) Open new tab and try to log in with your Gmail account whose password you have unremembered.

3) Select forgot password option for Google account. Now you will be taken to the page. And Google mention their “You are already signed in to your recovery email address on this device. Google has verified its you trying to sign in. Save this password.” You can see this in below figure. 

Google FRP Unlock Permanent


Now enter new password of 8 characters and confirm password.


4) If you have not signed in with recover email address. Then you will get verification code to email address. As shown in below image.

Google Pixel Unlock



5) If you have recovery mobile number then you will get OTP on mobile. It is of 6 digits start with G-. Enter it and then reset password for Gmail.


6) If you do not have recovery email or recovery mobile number. Still you can retrieve Google account. 

FRP Unlock


Answer question asked by Google. Then provide alternate email. Google will review your detail and answer you.

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