Carrier Network Unlock Huawei Mobile

Different method for Sim Unlock Huawei mobile.

                 Huawei is very popular smartphone and it has recently announced to launch 5g support mobile. Most of the Huawei models are available on installment basic. Those mobile are sim network locked and you must unlock Huawei to use other carrier sim card. You can generate Huawei Carrier Unlock Code from IMEI number. 24 May 2018 onward Huawei Company has stopped providing unlock code for all models. So you have below 3 ways to get sim unlock code.

Method 1) find Unlock Code hidden inside Huawei mobile.

When mobile is carrier locked, it’s unlock code is hidden inside operating system. Below are the steps to find Huawei Network Unlock Code.
1) Enable USB debugging. This will enable mobile to connect with computer. Go to setting – developer option – select enable USB debugging. Also enable OEM Unlock within developer option.
2) Install ADB, fast-boot, USB driver and rooting software on computer.
3) Turn off Huawei. 
Press and hold volume down key. Mobile will start in fast boot mode. For other mobile you need to press and hold power and volume key together. Now connect USB cable to computer.
4) Run ADB shell on computer. Provide superuser root access to ADB shell. Unlock code is inside NVME file or it should be within bootloader partition after text string WVLOCK. List partition folder by using ls dev /block  command. This will print list partitions on mobile. Find bootloader partition. It may be mmcblk0p5 or mmcblk0p7. Make copy of this partition and search for WVLOCK text string. Huawei unlock code is after WVLOCK text string.
5) You can also search within etc and OEMINFO folder partition.  Network and device lock related information also available within these folders.
6) To check Huawei mobile lock status, use fastboot oem lock-status info  command. Output of command
Fb lockstate : Unlocked
User lockstate : Unlocked.

Method 2: Generate Carrier Unlock Code from IMEI number.

         There are many website and software which can generate sim network unlock code from IMEI number. If you have two sim slots than use first master slot IMEI number. To find IMEI  number go to setting -about phone - IMEI related information.

Huawei Unlock

Method 3: flash custom ROM to unlock Huawei.

           On internet you will find many stable custom ROM for Huawei mobile. Find custom ROM as per mobile model. And flash it on your smartphone.
             Here is one more trick you can try it. Make sure you have original ROM of your mobile so if tricks fail then you can install original ROM. You need two mobile one is unlocked and other is locked. Now copy bootloader partition from unlocked mobile.  Then flash rewrite boot partition of locked mobile with unlocked mobile partition.

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