Carrier Network Unlock Acer Mobile Tablets

IMEI Network Unlock Code for ACER mobile and tablets including all model like liquid variant, z series variant, tablets Iconia and A series.

          Acer is very popular for its hardware peripheral and electronics devices. Acer smartphone and tablets are available in retail as well as carrier network sim locked condition. You need Acer sim network unlock code to use any sim card. Otherwise you are not able to use other sim card. If you insert foreign sim, it will give error that sim restricted invalid microchip, enter sim network unlock pin or network locked sim card inserted. You can generated at&t, t-mobile, Verizon, roger Acer mobile unlock code from IMEI number of mobile.
    Acer has variety of product like laptop, Smartphone, TV, hardware peripheral, storage devices. Acer Z series mobile and Acer Liquid variant mobile are most popular. In tablets Acer Iconia A series are good for all.
Three different methods for Acer Smartphone and tablets sim network unlock.

First methods Bootloader unlock Acer mobile and tablets.

Here you need 1) windows, Linux or Macintosh computer.
2) USB driver for Acer tablets or mobile.
3) Android Developer Kit Software installed on computer. Or at least you have ADB and FASTBOOT application on computer.
4) Within developer option of mobile turn on USB debugging and OEM unlock. Open ADB tool within command prompt terminal and boot Acer mobile in fast boot mode. Use this command for that
Adb reboot bootloader. This command works with most of android mobile like htc, LG, Motorola. Start Acer mobile in bootloader mode. Most of latest Smartphone like LG, Samsung, and Acer are carrier locked at bootloader level. So to unlock those mobile you need to boot device in bootloader mode.
Now type following command at terminal.
Fastboot oem unlock.
You will see few options on mobile screen. Choose unlock option. And then continue. This will sim unlock Acer mobile and tablets. Start mobile in normal mode.
Some time it asks for CPUID of Acer mobile. Cpu stand for Center Processing Unit or you can say processor. You can look at following folder on your mobile partition. /Sys/firmware/fuse/Acer_cpu_id. There are scripts available which can fetch CPUID form your mobile.

Method two: generate Acer Network unlock code from IMEI number.

You need 1) IMEI number of Acer tablets and mobile. 2) Carrier detail like roger, Verizon, t-mobile, at&t. 3) location country where mobile is carrier locked. There are many apps and software which can generate sim unlock code for Acer. Even you can use third party services for that. They will charge for this.

Method three: use custom ROM to IMEI unlock Acer Smartphone.
You can flash custom unlocked ROM to mobile. This will unlock Acer mobile. For that install any good rooting software and root mobile. Find custom ROM for Acer mobile or tablets. Make sure you have downloaded ROM as per mobile model number. Otherwise mobile will not work properly. This might void phone warranty. But you can easily revert to original default ROM anytime. And regain warranty.

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