Unlock code for android smartphone simcard

Why you need unlock codes for smartphone sim card and what is mobile locking and how to sim carrier unlock android phone.

Smartphone Unlock Codes

How to unlock mobile phone sim card.

To unlock smartphone, you need to generate network unlock code from IMEI number. There are normally four kind of unlock code generated from IMEI number of smartphone.

     1.      Nck =network unlock code / network carrier code / Network Control Key. Many time when you insert new sim to locked mobile, on mobile screen new dialog box ask for sim network unlock pin. In that case you should enter nck code. In most of the time unlock code is nck /network unlock code. Depending upon your mobile whether lg or Samsung, htc, Huawei or Motorola. Nck code is about 8 to 16 digits.

    2.       Spck= service provider unlock codes / service Provider Control Keys. Many sim network require both nck and spck code. So first you enter nck network unlock code and then service provider unlock code.

    3.      Sck= sub provider unlock code or Service control key. Many of sim provider use at&t, bell, telus, and t-mobile GSM network as a parent network and other sim provider have only sub network. In that case instead of spck code you should enter sck code sub providers unlock code.

     4.      Defreeze code / unfreeze code = many time mobile got hard locked or freezed. It happens when you have roaming lock or you may entered wrong sim unlock pin for more than 10 times. And it permanently locks smartphone. And to unlock hard locked smartphone you should first enter sim unlock code and then enter defreeze code to permanently carrier unlock smartphone.  If you have blackberry mobile then unlock code will be mep1,2,3,4. Mep2 is network unlock code and mep4 is a sim provider unlock code.

   How to get sim network unlock pin for smartphone.              

    There are many free tool and apps online available to generate sim network unlock code for smartphone.  Go to search result up to 5, 6 pages. There are many smartphone models wise software to get sim network unlock. Each model has its own sim network unlock code generator tool software so it is difficult to recommend any particular tool. To get sim network unlock code following information required.

     1)      IMEI no of smartphone mobile.

        2)      Mobile Country Code / mcc– there is an international standard number for each country. For United States of America=310, United Kingdom=234, Canada= 302, France=208, Australia=505.

       3)      Mobile Network Code/ mnc – there is a mnc code for each GS, sim provider like at&t, t mobile, o2 UK, orange, sprint, bell and telus.
    T-mobile mnc for America=26 there are 2 to 3 mobile network code for t-mobile USA. Germany t-mobile mnc=262.
    At&t mnc code= 070,090.
    Telus Canada mnc=220,221.
    Bell Canada mnc=640,651.
    O2 UK mobile network code=2, Vodafone UK=15, Vodafone Australia=3.
O2 Ireland=2. O2 Germany =7,8.

       4)      Make and specific model of mobile.

    5)      Android version installed on your smartphone –  not needed nowadays.

                                  Even each mobile manufacturer has default unlock code which is known as factory unlock code for smartphone or manufacturer unlock code. These are like 0000000, 11111111, 12345678 etc. but nowadays this code are not working. And when you purchase sim locked mobile, this factory manufacturer unlock code are disabled or changed with sim locking codes. 

    Why mobile are sim network locked.

     Mobile locking is normally done by GSM sim provider and many times mobile locking is a combine effort of mobile manufacturer and GSM sim provider.

                                Many GSM sim providers like T-Mobile, at&t sell lg, apple iPhone, Motorola, HTC and Samsung on 2 year financial contract. In those cases you just need to pay every month few dollars, pound or euro to get new phone of many branded companies.
                                  Now to secure their payment they sell mobile phone in locked condition. And after you pay all monthly installments amount, you can IMEI unlock phone. And in that case you are provided free unlock codes for sim card.
                             And to get unlock codes, just call customer care and explain that there is no due payment from your side and you need to use another sim. And they provide free network unlock codes for your smartphone.

    How to know mobile is locked.

-           If your smartphone is from at&t, t-mobile, us cellular, TracFone then there is a logo on the back side of phone and when you power on your mobile it shows logo of sim company.

-          When you insert new sim of other gsm company, on mobile screen you will get message that invalid sim card, wrong sim card, network locked sim card inserted, contact service provider, enter sim network unlock pin or enter mobile sim unlock code.

      Here is how to unlock lg g5 models and how to unlock Samsung galaxy note5  without sim network unlock pin.

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