How to Sim Unlock T-Mobile

 How to unlock T-mobile sim for  samsung galaxy,lg, samsung, nokia, motorola and htc mobile to use any sim with t-mobile.
  T-mobile is well known usa gsm service provider and also sell many mobiles of samsung, motorola, nokia, lg, htc and samsung galaxy models on installment basis and also on subsidiary based. These mobile are t-mobile sim locked that means you cannot use any other sim on this mobile without sim unlocking t-mobile. 

            Now if you start t-mobile with other sim like sprint, Verizon without unlocking then you will get error message like incorrect invalid network sim enter code,  phone disabled network lock, invalid microchip, simcard rejected enter special code or network unlock code. For different tmobile model sim error messages are different, but in all models you need sim network unlock code for unlocking mobile.

           Here I will explain 3 different methods for t-mobile unlocking for various samsung galaxy, lg, nokia,motorola and htc mobiles.

1method for tmobile sim unlocking by finding unlock code house inside your t-mobile.
                  As you t-mobile is sim locked so sim unlock code is hidden inside t-mobile. Depending upon your mobile model like lg, motorola, htc, samsung or samsung galaxy, nokia. Location for sim unlock code is different. Here is will give you some possible ways to find mobile network unlock code house inside android smartphone.
                 Some of older android phone you can find mobile sim unlock code at /dev/block/ folder. These is mainly used for samsung galaxy t-mobile unlock.  You can use su dd command to copy this partition. You can also look at root/ carrier folder. Some of htc mobile you can look at dev/block/mmcblk0p6/. Use su dd if command to copy this file and open it in hexaeditor.
                  Latest t-mobile smartphone are sim locked at boot level. So here you need to copy boot partition and then search for unlock code. For that either you use apps for backing up mobile partition. There are many free app available for this on play store. Or you root your mobile and copy boot partition. Here I brief you steps for this.

Step1. Download usb driver for your tmobile model. Lg , nokia, samsung and motorola drivers are available on their site.

Step2. Download rooting software as per your mobile. Samsung, lg has different working rooting software and motorola, htc has different so find proper software for this. And install software on computer.

Step3. Now go to mobile setting – developer option and enable usb debugging and enable oem unlocking. When mobile is locked at boot level then you need to enable oem unlocking to sim unlock mobile.
Step4. Download android sdk – software developer kit or atleast download and adb and fastboot. And install on your computer and also install super user on mobile.
Step5. We are doing all this to copy boot partition bootloader and paste it to computer. Connect mobile to computer and boot in fastboot mode. Now run adb on windows command prompt.
Now use this command
 dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/aboot  of=/sdcard/aboot.img . This will copy bootloader partition. Aboot is booting partition name, it may be motoboot, lgboot or mmcb1 etc depending upon which mobile you are unlocking.. Now transfer this to computer by using this command
adb pull /sdcard/backup/aboot.mbn  /home/admin or windows login username folder/ desktop/ t-mobile unlock folder/. Now open it in hexa editor. And find boot.mbn inside that file. Now there is start and end point under boot.mbn. there is code scripted which force you to enter sim network unlock pin when you start tmobile phone with other sim like o2 , orange, at&t, roger etc. so if you modify this  booting file code or I mean modify boot partition and reflash to your t-mobile then it will not ask for unlock code and mobile is sim unlocked. But when you reflash to tmobile system file must be properly edited and having signature then only you can flash it. And also look for unlock code within this boot partition even trust zone explot can also unlock mobile.

2 method unlock t-mobile by generating sim network unlock code from imei number:

            You can unlock t-mobile by generating sim network unlock code from imei number of samsung galaxy, lg, nokia, motorola or htc mobile. It does not matter whether it is a t-mobile or at&t mobile. There are many free apps and software available for generating unlock code. Even mobile model specific apps are also available for network unlock code.  To generate unlock code you need
1. imei number of t-mobile.
2. Make and model of your mobile. Lg g6, lg v20, k7, samsung galaxy note 7, note3, galaxy s8 active, galaxy mini, nokia lumia, motorola g5, moto, htc desire etc.
3. mcc and mnc for your sim card. Here we are unlocking tmobile so
T-mobile usa mobile country code=310 and mobile network code=260.
T-mobile uk mcc= 234 and mobile network code=30.
4. Location country where mobile is locked Usa, Uk, Canada, France, Germany.
               These software generated different kind of unlock codes names 1. Nck – network carrier code 2. Spck – service provider unlock code 3. Defreeze or unfreeze code 4. Nsck- network subset key or network subsidiary unlock code. In most of the cases nck is used as a sim network unlock pin or network unlock code. And if your mobile is hard locked because you have entered wrong unlock code many times in that case both defreeze code and nck code is used. Once unlock code is generated you can unlock your mobile by below procedure.

T-mobile samsung unlock
There are many samsung models which are locked with t-mobile network. Samsung galaxy, samsung galaxy s7 edge, samsung galaxy s8, galaxy note5 note3 etc.

                  Start your samsung mobile with non accepted foreign sim card matropcs, o2 sim or orange sim. Now it show message that invalid simcard or sim restricted. And ask to enter sim network unlock pin for tmobile samsung. Now enter nck network unlock code which you have generated from imei number of your tmobile phone. Now you get network unlock successfully message on screen. And you can use any sim on your t-mobile.
              But when you enter other sim like bell, telus, o2, orange and you do not  get above dialog box for entering unlock code then  start tmobile with t-mobile sim or without sim and dial    #7465625*638*nck#. This will deactivate network lock on your samsung tmobile.

                  And if you have entered unlock code many time and your samsung mobile hard locked or permanent locked then  you need to use both defreeze or unfreeze code and network unlock code for that dial      #0199*defreeze code*#  and then  #0111*nck#. This will permanently unlock samsung mobile. Unfreeze code is also used when mobile is location based or roaming locked.

Tmobile lg unlock method:

                     Start t-mobile lg phone with other sim like at&t, sprint, cricket, orange or o2. Then go to dialer type 2945#*851#. This will bring you sim unlock menu – then select  service provider lock – then enter your  16 or 8 digit sim network unlock code for t-mobile lg which you have free generated from imei number of your tmobile. Now you get network unlock successful message. Sometime it require to restart your mobile for fully function. Your lg t-mobile is unlocked and you can use any gsm sim on your t-mobile.

T-mobile nokia unlock steps:
                        Start your nokia t-mobile with foreign or non tmobile sim. Now it will prompt to enter unlock code for nokia tmobile. Enter nck code here and tap done. Now you will receive network unlock successfully and your nokia mobile is permanently unlocked. Process for unlocking tmobile microsoft lumia is similar as nokia mobile.

T-mobile htc unlock:
                Start your htc tmobile phone with other simcard o2 orange or at&t sim. Now you will get enter sim network unlock pin for htc t-tmobile. Enter sim unlock code for htc and tap ok. Your htc t-mobile is unlocked and you can use all other sim.

3 Method T-mobile device unlock app for unlocking mobile:

                  T-mobile has its own application which you can use for mobile unlocking. First create t-mobile account then download t-mobile apps to your mobile and install it. Keep log in with your account on that app. Now open t-mobile device unlock app and tap on device unlock. Now here you can unlock t-mobile temporary and permanent.

     For temporary t-mobile unlock you must use sim data of your t-mobile simcard. You cannot temporary unlock t-mobile using wifi connection. You can temporary unlock t-mobile for few days. But once you have temporary unlocked t-mobile, you shall wait till expiry of temporary unlock then only you can unlock permanently.

                    For permanent unlock t-mobile, you must have used it for atleast 40 days and if mobile is on installment basic then you must paid fully. And if mobile is on contract basic then transfer in common plan no contract and then  also pay termination fee as per sim unlock policy.

                       Now  open device unlock app, tap on permanent unlock, now app connect to t-mobile server and submitting imei and other information about your mobile now it there is no due then imei number is in whitelist and mobile will be unlocked. You don’t need unlock code. Just restart your t-mobile and you are free from t-mobile network and can use all other sim.
                  If this device unlock app not working then restart your mobile, update app. If it still not working then uninstall and reinstall app. Otherwise you can contact t-mobile customer care and ask for unlock code for your tmobile.  They will take your unlock request and send you unlock code via email. Once you receive unlock code follow below procedure to unlock your tmobile.

T-mobile motorola unlock:
Start mobile with other carrier sim like at&t, roger, cricket, metropcs.
         Now you are prompted for enter special code or please wait to enter special code or enter sim network unlock code for motorola tmobile sim. Enter 8 digit unlock code which you have received via email. Now your motorola is unlocked and you are free from t-mobile network. And you can use any gsm sim on your t-mobile.

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