Howto Track Lost Phone

 Search Stolen Android Mobile and How to Setup Google Find My Device application for Phone tracking.


SIM Carrier can Find Lost Mobile.

Produce mobile bill and IMEI number to cellular service provider. Register written complaint for lost mobile. They will put IMEI number in watchlist. There are three type of IMEI list for network carrier.

1) white-list – allowed IMEI number list.

2) Gray-list – allowed network usage but alert to sim provider.

3) Blacklist – Not allowed for network usage.

When person start mobile with SIM  card. It escalate to register on network. SIM card authenticates on network and send IMEI  and IMSI to network. Every carrier has Equipment Identity Register (EIR) database. It compare IMEI number with EIR. And if IMEI is in graylist or blacklist. Carrier network recognize it and track location. BTS Base Transceiver Station connect mobile to network. It provide network strength. It can use to find location of forgotten mobile. When lost mobile sent LU location update, BTS and network controller can regain distance of mobile from tower, longitude and latitude. It can be tracked.


Use Google Find my Device Application. How to setup Google Find My Device Application.


1)You need Google account or Find My Device App. Go to mobile setting / Account / Add Gmail account. You shall visible in Google Play Store.

2) Network or Internet connection.

 3)Google Location sharing – Go to setting /location and turn on location.

4) power on mobile – If Lost mobile is turn off. It will show last sync activity only as shown in below figure.


Track Stolen Mobile


Go to Gmail manage your account / security / devices/ select find my devices. Now it will show location of stolen mobile.


Use Samsung Find My Mobile services.


Go to setting / lock screen and security / turn on Find My Mobile. Register account on Samsung and Sign in. Select your associated Samsung mobile. Search location of lost mobile. You can track location of lost Samsung mobile.


 Stratagem to Unlock Pattern Lock and Password Lock for Android and IOS Mobile.

 Use Finger Traces to Unlock Pattern Password Lock.


We can use finger traces on screen to unlock pattern lock. For example your pattern is L, and then your screen has more scratches on that part of screen as show in image. Your password is JAW, then you can see round scratches on that part of screen. If you are using screen guard or Gorilla glass. Then remove it and place it on transparent glass. Put blue light below the glass. Switch off all room light. You can see lock pattern under blue light. You can hold mobile 30 degree incline in blue light. You can track pattern on screen. That part of screen becomes blunt.


Unlock Pattern Lock


Use Find My Mobile App to Remove Password Lock.

If you have added Google account. Then you can unlock mobile. Open find my mobile app. Search your mobile. You will get option Ring mobile, Erase and Lock. You can erase mobile. It will unlock pattern lock but data will be deleted. Select Lock option enter password two times. You can unlock password lock.

You can use find my Samsung mobile apps. Log in to Samsung account. Select unlock or erase option.


Delete password or pattern lock files and Unlock Password and Pattern Lock.


Pattern lock information are stored at /system folder. Location of password lock files are

1) locksettings.db locksettings.db-wal and locksettings.db-shm

2) password.key or gesture.key

You can either delete these files and restart mobile. You can use RM Remove Directory command on ADB shell. Or you can recover your password from these files. This password file has hashsum SHA1 MD5 which is 160 bit algorithms. You can search lockscreen.password_salt phrase. Remove two algorithms and recover mobile forgotten password. Enter password and unlock password lock.


Wipe Mobile and Unlock Pattern Lock.


Start mobile in recovery mode using power and volume button. Select wipe cache partition and also try to wipe user data partition. This will remove pattern lock from mobile.

Howto Track Stolen IPhone iOS Devices


Locate Lost iPhone IOS Devices and How to Setup Find My iPhone Apps to track stolen iPhone.


Use Network Carrier to Search Stolen iPhone.


Reveal iPhone bill and IMEI number. Visit SIM card office and file complaint for lost iPhone. They observe IMEI number and IMSI number under watchlist. They consider IMEI number as graylist or blacklisted. When someone turn on iPhone. SIM card try to authenticate mobile network. It sends IMEI and IMSI number. Each carrier has Central EIR Equipment Identity Registry. They compare IMEI number and if it is found stolen iPhone. They blacklist IMEI number and track location. They found location of network tower where iPhone try to log in. IPhone sends location update, which can guide Base Transceiver Controller about distance of iPhone from tower. You can track lost iPhone.




First enable Find My iPhone option. Go to iPhone setting / your login name/ iCloud / turn on Find My iPhone. Also Enable Offline Finding option on iPhone and activate send last location of iPhone.

Log in to iCloud using same apple id, you used on stolen iPhone. Go to device tab. Select iPhone and find iPhone. It will show location of stolen iPhone. You can ring, secure or erase lost iPhone. You can track forgotten or misplaced iPhone.


Use GSP Chip for Device Tracking.


GPS Global Positioning System use satellite for location tracking. Many high cost vehicle are equipped with GPS devices. This is done by insurer. They log location of device using satellite and send it over cellular network.