IPhone Carrier Network Sim Unlock

Ipad Iphone Carrier Sim Network Unlock detail procedure.

Iphone Hardware Unlock.


                Older iPhone are mostly hardware locked. And to unlock them disassemble it entirely. Then on pcb board, there is pin which need to be shorten to Unlock iPhone. Solder one copper wire at a17 line on PCB board. Solder another copper wire at +1.8 volt line. Connect both wire to unlock switch.

 How apple & network carrier lock iPhone iPad and apple watches.


               Apple has its own database which is known as global service exchange- GSX. It has all information regarding to your devices. It record iPhone IMEI number, part replacement detail, warranty information, purchase date, outstanding amount associated with IMEI number, EIP contract detail and apple  idevice lock status. And iPhone must need to be connected with apple iTunes server called apple activation server to permanently unlock it. Apple devices don’t use imei unlock code for sim restriction removal. They must change their status at this record.

Verizon T-mobile At&t USA iPhone sim unlock method.


                 For sprint, MetroPCS, Verizon, AT&T and T-mobile unlock code, there are some condition which must be satisfied. Then only you are provided sim unlock code. 1) Device must have used at least 40 to 60 days on carrier network. Number of days varies depending upon sim carrier. 2) All remaining payment must be settled before requesting unlock. 3) Early termination fees must be paid in advance. 4) There is no complaint against IMEI number of apple iPhone. Or there is no complaint against ESN number of apple device. ESN stand for Equipment Serial Number. 5) Transfer your account from contract to simple plan.
                   If you are not sure about your account status. You can check unlock eligibility of your device on carrier website. If you are eligible then call to customer care and make request for unlock apple device. Provide working email address, email associate with apple id will work better. You will receive mail regarding confirmation of unlock on that email id.
            After that insert other sim inside iPhone and you are prompted in few seconds that.
    Carrier setting updated new setting require for your devices has been installed. That means your iPhone has been unlocked. If this method don’t work then
  Connect iPhone to computer and open iTunes. It ask for apple id and passcode for log in. after login you will get message within iTunes that

Iphone Unlock

 Normally most of the latest iPhone unlocked by this way. But if you face problem then connect iPhone to computer. Open iTunes – log in with apple id if it asks. Then take backup via iTunes. This method is require when Find My iPhone or Apple FMiP activation lock is activated on mobile.  This is distinct features of iOS operating system. Now go to iPhone setting – general – reset – erase all content and data. Then again connect iPhone to iTunes and make sure internet is on. You will get message that iPhone is successfully factory unlocked. There are website which provide unlock service for few dollar.

How to know iPhone is sim network locked.


When idevice is sim locked and you insert other carrier sim then you will get message that
1) SIM not supported – the sim card you have installed in this iPhone is from carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by activation server. This is not a hardware issue. Insert sim card from supported carrier or request that iPhone be unlocked by carrier.
2) Invalid sim card no sim supported.
3) iPhone screen stuck at activation message.
4) No network coverage tower on top of the screen.
5) Blank screen shown within iTunes.
6) On iOS 14 or later. Go to setting / about phone and tap on NETWORK PROVIDER LOCK. If iPhone is unlocked, it is written NO SIM RESTRICTIONS. Iphone is locked, You can see carrier name at sim restriction.
7) Carrier logo on back cover and start up screen.
8) Iphone on contract or monthly installment plan. 

Bell TELUS Roger MTS Canada iPhone unlock.


                 Your account must not have any due payment and have good standing. No complaint about stolen against IMEI number. Go to bell website, enter IMEI number of iPhone and make unlock request. You will receive mail for unlock confirmation. Now insert telus or roger sim and your mobile is unlocked.
             For TELUS sim unlock, register on website. Select device tab and select unlock your devices and follow instruction. You will get email from telus about unlock status.

UK Vodafone O2 iPhone sim unlock.


            First register on o2 website using UK mobile number. You will get verification code on mobile.  Register on o2. Use my o2 app or my o2 online form make request for o2 sim unlock. You will get confirmation that your o2 sim is network unlocked. Connect iPhone to iTunes for unlocking. This is required as iPhone do not use IMEI unlock code. It must unlock by iTunes activation server.

Australia Telstra sim unlock.


             If you have Telstra post paid mobile then just call 132200 and say unlock handset. Telstra is not locking any post paid mobile. Telstra has its own iPhone unlock tool which can unlock iPhone and ipad2 from Telstra only. Just provide IMEI number of telstra Smartphone. Here are the lists of Telstra iPhone which are already unlocked by carrier. IPhone 7, 7 plus, iPhone 6, 6plus, 6S and 6S plus, iPhone 5, 5C and 5S.         

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