lg mobile imei unlock codes

Lg Mobile Unlock  Codes from Imei & how to get lg Sim Network Unlock Pin
        There are different ways your lg mobile cab be locked. To unlock lg g2, g3 or any lg mobile you must know how lg mobile got locked. Then only you can find lg mobile unlocking codes.

         Lg Mobile can be locked at mobile imei no. , sim network locking that is carrier gsm locking and also at android operating system level that is software locking.

       Keep in mind in lg dual sim phone, there are two imei no for same mobile. Two sim slot have to different imei no. you can check this by go to phone setting – about phone –status phone,signal etc- imei related information –

imei no (slot 1)=15 digit no   imei sv (slot1)=  normally 2 digit no.
imei no (slot 2)=15 digit no   imei sv (slot2)= 2 digit no. 
in two imei no. last 5 digit are changed first 10 digits are same. 
         so it may possible that there are two mobile blocking code for two different sim slot. So be careful while generating unlock code for lg. Provide proper imei no of the sim slot for which you are trying to unlock.

         To unlock lg mobile which is locked by the code generated from imei, you need network unlock code which is generated form imei no of your mobile. Imei no is different for different cellphone, accordingly lg imei unlock codes are vary for each lg mobile.

         If lg cellphone locked with service provider lock then you need to generate sim provider network unlock pin. This is show in below figure. And these codes are embedded inside lg mobile android os. So you can unlock lg mobile from android os software also. Android version of different lg mobile is different so unlocking code for lg g2 and lg g3 are different. Kitkat,lollipop and marshmallow are the latest android os on lg smartphone.

1st method - Recover Sim network unlock pin that is hidden within lg android smartphone. For this find any good root explorer for your lg android mobile. Then connect your lg smartphone with computer and also enable usb debugging on your lg phone before connecting to computer. now browse root folder and find /root/carrier folder. This carrier folder contain all the information about your gsm sim carrier. It may have lg unlock code hidden within carrier folder. Also look for property file inside carrier folder. It may have network unlock code information. 

               You can also look at efs folder as all mobile network and imei information are here. Also look at dev/block folder and latest android are sim locked at boot level so look at boot partition.

              Also look for nv data file or folder under */root folder. Nv data stand for non- volatile memory. It has many valuable information including network information of your sim card and also sim locking information. you can recover your unlock code from this file also.

           You can also search unlock.bin, networkunlock or sim unlock file under your lg smartphone file system. It is not necessary that such file always exist on your lg mobile. 1st method for lg android unlocking is just a tricks. Root/ carrier or nvdata does not always have lg sim unlock code.
2nd method – I have created post regarding unlocking mobile at android level without unlock codes you go through that post to know mobile imei unlocking without unlock codes.
By this method you can unlock your lg mobile without unlock codes. 

3rd method – there is also another post for unlocking mobile phone without unlock codes vie service mode method.  But for this method you require some technical knowledge regarding mobile phone and computer software. In that post I have explained how to unlock android mobile without unlock codes.

 4th method – you can contact gsm sim customer care and ask for unlocking codes. You be prepared with valid reason for demanding gsm sim unlocking codes. Reason might be you are not satisfied with carrier sim network services or sim provider cannot lock the sim for life time etc.


Now Unlocking lg mobile with unlocking codes

There are  mainly two type of unlock code generated
1     1)    Network unlock codes / network carrier code/ NCK. These codes also known as imei unlock codes. Imei unlocking is most widely used unlocking technique.
2) Service provider unlock pin/ SPCK.
3) There are also sub provider lock code, unfreeze code and regional code but these are rarely used.

        To generate unlock code you need cellphone imei no, serial no of sim card which is written on your gsm sim, mcc –country code (for usa it is 310), mnc -network code(different for different Sim provider).

        There are many applications available on playstore and android store from which you can generate imei unlock code and sim unlock pin. Find application for your lg mobile model as different application are generated for different lg mobile ie lg g2, lg g3 etc. 

       Once you generated unlock pin as per your lg mobile below is the step by step instruction for entering unlocking code to lg cellphones.

Lg g2 Network unlock code / network carrier code instruction

Step1:- Power on phone without Sim card and keep the phone connected with charger.
Step2:- open Sim unlock menu sequence by typing code   2945#*Lg g2 model no#.
For example Lg g2 D801 enter code 2945#*801#
                        Lg g2 D802 enter code 2945#*802#
                     Lg g2 D803 enter code 2945#*803#
Step 3:- message display phone restricted or Please call your network provider to get the unlock code.
       And ask for Sim Network Unlock Pin. Along with that it shows maximum attempt remaining for entering unlock code.  Be careful while entering Sim network unlock code as you can have only 10 attempt to unlock your phone.  After that lg g2 phone hard locked and it cannot be unlocked easily.

Step 4 :- enter  Gsm Sim Unlock pin . Click done.
Your lg g2 phone says code accepted or network unlocked successfully. 

     If by chance you get message that unlock not successful then recheck you code before entering again as I said you have maximum 10 attempts to unlock cellphone.

Lg g3 gsm network unlock code guide

Step 1:- power on phone fully charged.
Step 2:- open Sim Unlock menu sequence by typing code on keypad 2945#* lg g3 model no#.
For Lg g3 D851 enter code 2945#*851#
Lg g3 d852 enter code 2945#*852#
 Lg d3 d853 enter code 2945#*853#
 lg network unlock codes

Step 3:-select network lock or service provider lock depending upon how your lg g3 mobile locked.

Step 4:-enter Gsm Network Unlock Pin or Sim Network Unlock Pin.
sim network unlock pin codes

Step 5 :- done your lg g3 phone unlocked.
 Mobile sim network unlock sucessfully

Same procedure apply for lg shine plus c710 aloha and lg kg series at step 2.
For lg kg120 enter code 2945#*1201#
lg kg220 enter code  2945#*1202#
lg kg280 enter code  2945#*7101#
lg kg290 enter code  2945#*7101#
How to enter spck unlock code or service provider unlock code for lg cellphone
lg cu 515 sp lock unlocking code
1) Insert sp locked sim into phone the error message comes invalid smart chip.
2) dial *#865625# for service menu for sp lock then select option 1 and then enter  spck code/ service provider code.
Message will pop up Phone unlocked. If code is just 6 digit then at the starting add 00 and make it 8 digit if 6 digit code is not working.
For lg vu cu 915, cu920 sp lock unlocking
1) Insert a sim   active or inactive does not matter.
2) Enter sp lock activate/ deactivate code *#865625#.
3) Then enter 16 digit spck code.
4) Message display network lock deactivated.
5) Reboot the phone if it does not reboot automatically now you lg phone unlocked.
If by chance you get message that    unlock not successful   then recheck you code before entering again as I said, you have maximum 10 attempts to unlock cellphone.

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