Sim Network Unlock Pin to Remove SIM Restriction on Google Pixel, Samsung, iPhone, LG, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi.

Sim Network Unlock Pin thrust away network restriction, which result in carrier unlock mobile. Most of the android mobiles need sim network unlock pin aka Network Unlock Codes aka NCK to remove sim lock. Ios mobile don’t use such code. NCK are generated from imei number.


How to generate sim network unlock pin.


Furnish following details about your mobile.

1) IMEI number of smartphone. IMEI number is written on battery sticker, mobile bill. And go to setting / general / about phone / IMEI related information. Dual sim mobile have two imei numbers use sim1 imei number. For iPhone unlock you need to provide MEID / imei number. MEID number is written on iPhone sim tray.

2) Carrier name: Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, at&t, roger, MTS, bell, TELUS, O2, orange, Telstra, Fido, Beeline, MegaFon.

3) Country / location where phone is imei locked.

4) Mobile company and exact model number. Google pixel, iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, htc, Huawei, Nokia and Xiaomi.

5) Sometime MCC Mobile Country Code and MNC Mobile Network Code. Each network carrier has its own MNC. Some carriers have more than one MNC and frequency band.

   Once you get IMEI unlock code. Insert any other sim to mobile and start mobile. Mobile screen shows error messages for example network locked sim card inserted, invalid sim card or microchip, contact service provider, enter sim restriction code or enter sim network unlock nck  10 attempt remaining as shown in figure.




Valid unlock code will result in network unlock successfully message.

To check mobile is locked or not. Go to setting / general / about phone / find network carrier lock status option. If there is written no restriction that mean mobile is unlocked. And if any carrier name written there, it indicates mobile is carrier network locked.


Length of sim network unlock PIN.


Unlock code digits vary from 8 to 16 digits. Latest Samsung Unlock codes have 8 digits. While some older Samsung galaxy mobile IMEI unlock code have 16 digits. Blackberry MEP codes have 8 to 16 digits.


What is different between sim network unlock pin, sim lock pin / password and PUK code.


Sim network unlock pin used to network unlock smartphone. Sim lock pin used to unlock sim lock on android and ios devices. While PUK code is used to unlock mobile, when you repeated enter wrong sim password. And you have locked mobile permanently.


I forgot pattern lock, will sim network unlock code unlock mobile?


Sim network unlock code is used to IMEI unlock mobile. It does not useful for pattern unlock. But I here provide you tricks which can unlock pattern lock.

Use remove directory command or any Unix or Linux command which can delete files and folder. Most of the Unix and Linux command work on android operating system.

Now use CD command to access data / system folder. Now find files which have pattern lock or screen lock details. These files are locksetting.db (database file), locksettings.db-shm(db shared memory file and locksetttings.db-wal(write ahead log registry). Use RM command to remove above files and after that you can reset pattern of smartphone. Which ultimately unlock device.

If you have activated Find my mobile or find my iPhone. Log in to site using computer. Connect mobile using USB cable. Now under setting, you will find option remove screen lock. Tap on it and it will unlock screen remotely. This will unlock Google pixel Samsung, iPhone, lg, htc, Nokia, Huawei, Vivo and Motorola. If mobile is away from you. Then use Google device manager. Find your device. You have option like screen lock, erase mobile. Here you can reset screen password and remove pattern lock.


I lost sim lock pass-code will sim network unlock pin can unlock sim?

NO. You need PUK Permanent Unblock Key to unlock sim. When you forgot sim lock passcode and you entered wrong pass-code many times. Then it will permanently lock mobile. Only PUK code can unlock mobile. Call to customer care, choose PUK code option and ask PUK code. If you have registered on carrier site. Then log in to your account, under setting you will find PUK code.

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