Samsung mobile sim network unlock pin

  Samsung mobile sim network unlock pin & Samsung galaxy unlocking by imei code.

        There are many ways for locking your Samsung mobile and to unlock Samsung cellphone like Samsung galaxy s, s plus, s2, s3, s4, S mini, s7 edge, Samsung note  note 2, you need different kind of unlocking codes.

       Before continue I here also explain you that you can unlock your samsung mobile without unlock codes.

1st  Technique to unlock mobile without unlocking codes : – I have created post regarding unlocking mobile at android level without unlock codes you go through that post to know mobile imei unlocking without unlock codes.

2nd technique – you can contact customer care toll free no of you mobile phone and ask for unlocking code which is free of cost. Or you can contact toll free no of your sim carrier operator and ask for unlock codes. And you must prepared with reason like you are not satisfied with services or if you have Samsung dual sim mobile than you can say that you want to use another sim for second slot and for that you need unlock codes.

3rd technique: – At later part of this blog post I have explained mobile phone unlocking without unlock codes vie service mode method.  But for this method you require some technical knowledge regarding mobile phone and computer software.

4th technique:

Your samsung mobile unlock code is house inside your mobile. You can find it at dev/block/ folder or efs folder. Efs contain all sim carrier network information and imei number information. Also look at boot partition as newer smartphone are locked at this level. I have explained this in detail in my t-mobile / at&t unlock  and samsung galaxy unlock post.

Now mobile unlocking with unlock code. Below are the types of unlocking codes for various Samsungs gsm cell locking and unlocking.

1) Network unlock codes /nck which is most widely used. These codes are Samsung imei unlocking codes as they are generated from imei no.
     Keep in mind for samsung galaxy dual sim phone. There might be two different imei no for two sim slots. You can check this by go to phone setting – about phone –status - imei related information –

imei no (slot 1)=15 digit no,   imei no (slot 2)=15 digit. In two imei no last 5 digit of imei are changed first 10 digits are normally the same. 

      so it may possible that there are two mobile imei unlocking/ unblocking codes for two different sim slot. So be carefully which generated unlock code. Provide proper imei no of the slot for which you are trying to unlock.

2) Service provider unlocks pin/code or spck. 
3) Deep freeze unlock code / mck which is used for hard locked Samsung Smartphone. Samsung galaxy hard locked when maximum attempt for inserting unlocks code is applied.

To generate unlock codes you need following information

   Imei no of your Samsung smartphone,
   Serial no of your Gsm Sim card,
  Country code / mcc and network code / mnc. Country code and network code are where your sim originally locked,
Sometime you need uptime of your cellphone which is vary rare.

There are many applications available on play store and android store to generate code as per the model of your Samsung. It generates two types of unlocking codes, those are Samsung imei unlock codes and samsung sim network unlock pin.

Samsung galaxy s unlocking code help :- 
this method is applicable to samsung galaxy j7  j5 j3,   Samsung galaxy a5 a7 a3 duos, galaxy s5 s6 edge+But if you are using older samsung then here is the samsung unlock codes for various other samsung .model

Step 1:- start the phone with battery charged.
Step2:- enter the service code *7465625*638*#  to get Samsung galaxy service mode.
Step 3:- pop up windows appear, first field mcc & mnc for country code / mcc and network code mnc.
For ex usa country code/mcc is 310 and mnc /network code is different for different sim gsm.
 If you don’t know mcc and mnc code for your gsm sim then enter service mode code *#27663368378# or *#0011#. It will display these detail.
 samsung gsm mcc and mnc code
         In second field nck/ network code key / network unlock codes enter 8 to 16 digit code you have generated from imei no as per Samsung smartphone model.

=>  Samsung galaxy s4 & s4 mini service mode unlocking code instruction

=>  enter the service mode code *#27663368378#  or *#0011# phone will automatically start in service mode  menu.
=>   Display show basic service mode information.
=> click menu button at bottom of Samsung galaxy s4  and  then you have these option end  , back , key input , select , help, wifi. Tap back key in menu.
=>  Again tap on menu button and click key input, enter 1 and press ok.
=>   This will bring you umts main menu, select 1st option debug screen.
=>   Now you have six option  basic information, nas information, as information, gprs information, sim information and phone control, Select phone control.
=>  Now you have 7 option drx control, fake security control, nas control, ue state control, simulation, network lock and network control. Select network lock option.       
 you have 3 option, select parso sha256 off.
If you don’t find parso sha256 off option. Then use following command at android level.

Unblock the key string file with command  --
     echo -n "OFF" > /efs/FactoryApp/keystr

Then to enable hidden menu of sim carrier use this command  --

   echo -n "ON" >/efs/carrier/HiddenMenu
This will bring parso sha256 off option this is used to unlock network lock.

Now back to main menu and then back key from menu.
Ø  On umts menu following option debug screen, version information, umts rf nv, gsm rf nv, audio, common, Select common.
Ø  now select option nv rebuild.
Ø  Select restore back up.
Ø  Now Samsung galaxy s4 restart and it need few minutes and it is network unlocked.

Samsung galaxy S2 unlocking code
1) Power on phone with new sim for which you want to unlock your Samsung phone
2) Cell phone ask for sim network unlock code to use new sim
3) Enter your generated unlock code and press ok

Samsung T959 Galaxy S unlock code
1)    Start your Samsung phone with new sim card as phone is locked it ask for unlock code.
2)    Enter network sim unlock code and ok.
3)    Samsung galaxy phone unlocked after that.

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