Howto sim unlock gsm smartphone mobile

How to unlock GSM mobile sim and how to network unlock smartphone without network unlock code.

SIM Unlock

Method 1 Bootloader Unlock for mobile phones unlocking.

                       Many of mobile company Motorola, HTC, LG provide free bootloader unlock code file. These can be done only with fewer model of Motorola, HTC, LG.
For that visit BOOTLOADER unlocker support page on respective mobile website.
                     Then you need to provide device id of smartphone. Device id is different from IMEI number of phone. Device id is of 64 to 128 characters long.

To find device id of android. There are some different codes for different mobile.
1) First install ADB and FASTBOOT application on computer.

                      You can get ADB and fastboot application under SDK – Software Developer Kit. So first download SDK file. Under android studio you can also find SDK tool.
                    Unzip SDKtool. Open SDK manager file. This will give you list of packages included under SDK. Unselect all and select only 1) android SDK tool and 2) android SDK platform tools. These are normally first two options. Adb and fastboot tool are included under sdk tools.
  Click on install package and accept license. Continue installing software.
2) Enable USB debugging mode.
3) Install USB driver.
4) Type    adb devices      on command prompt.
5) This will give you list of android devices attached to computer. If you can’t find your device in that list. Recheck that you have installed proper USB driver of mobile and USB debugging is on under developer option.
6) Reboot mobile in bootloader or fastboot mode.
7) Type command      adb reboot bootloader    to reboot in fastboot mode.
8) Mobile reboot in bootloader/ fastboot mode.
9) Command       fastboot oem device-id.        This command work for lg mobile.

If you have Motorola mobile, use this command      fastboot oem get_unlock_data.

If you have htc mobile, use this command           fastboot oem get_identifier_token.

10) After getting device-id go to LG, htc or Motorola mobiles bootloader unlocking support site.
11) It asks for device id and email id etc.
12) If mobile is eligible for carrier unlocking than you will get unlock key to your email id.
13) To sim unlock mobile enter following command
Fastboot oem unlock {unlock key}. This command is used for IMEI unlocking Motorola.

For LG mobile unlocking type        fastboot flash unlock {unlock.bin file that you received at your email id}.

For htc mobile unlock type                  flash unlocktoken   {unlock_code.bin file that you have got at your email id for htc unlocking}. 
       You will get warning message that unlocking bootloader can void warranty. Click yes to continue.
  Type     adb reboot bootloader.
  Type     getvar all.
You will get message that bootloader unlocked: yes or device is unlocked.

Method 2 Use sim card adapter to unlock your mobile.

                  Many company sell Unlock sim adapter attachment to unlock sim. This sim adapter is like small thin PCB circuit size same as smartphone’s sim slot. This sim unlocker adapter is placed at sim slot of mobile and on the top of that sim adapter you put new sim. Then it will not ask for or sim restriction code. This unlock sim card adapter can used with many mobile like LG, Samsung, Huawei, htc, Acer and Motorola. Even you can use with iPhone 6 iPhone 4 and many other iPhone unlocking. This can work with t-mobile, at&t, roger, Verizon and many other GSM sim.

Method 3 using cable and box for mobile unlocking via USB and RJ 45.

                        You can get unlocking box having USB and RJ 45 connector. But this boxes are mostly associated with particular mobile brand. For example if you have Samsung unlocking box. It can used for unlocking Samsung galaxy. It cannot unlock LG, htc or Sony Ericson. Similarly if you have lg unlocking box, you can unlock many of lg mobile only. This is best for mobile network unlocking shops. For single mobile unlocking this is not a good option.

Method 4 installing fresh stock rom or custom rom for unlocking smartphone sim.

                         This can Sim Unlock some older mobile but it is not working for latest mobile If mobile is locked at bootloader level. Installing fresh stock ROM or custom ROM does not carrier unlock mobile.
                       This can only unlock mobile, if sim locking is done at software firmware level. You can download stock ROM or custom stock ROM from internet. Make sure it is stable and genuine. Do not download from any unreliable sources.  You must download stock ROM as per mobile model.  Lg Samsung galaxy Motorola’s each model have different stock ROM version. So be careful while downloading stock ROM.
1)You require flash tool for installing stock ROM. Normally flashing tool including with stock ROM. If there is no tool under stock ROM then separately download tool from internet.
2) Install USB driver of mobile on laptop.
3) Install flashing tool on computer.
4) Copy stock ROM folder on computer.
5) Open flash tool application and click on scatter loading tab.
6) Then give path to stock ROM folder and under stock rom folder open firmware.
7) Under firmware folder, find a file having android_scatter name. Normally name of this file is model number of mobile + android scatter.
 Scatter file has list of loading sequence on phone.
8) On scatter file and it will load all the sequence.
9) Click on download tab under flash tool. Once it loads 100 % at the same time remove battery from mobile and connect it to computer via USB.
10) Tool started installing stock ROM on mobile. Once it installed completely. You get green signal under flash tool.
                       Mostly CDMA mobile are locked at software level. Installing custom ROM can unlock mobile. Installing original stock ROM may not unlock CDMA mobile. As it is original stock ROM from company itself.

Method 5 generate unlock code for your mobile phone.

                       You need following information about smartphone.
     1)      IMEI number of smartphone.
     2)      Location country where phone is sim locked.  Ex United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada etc.
    3)      Mobile country code and mobile network code for sim card like at&t, t-mobile, cricket, orange, bell, telus , o2 , fido.
     4)      Make and specific mobile model number.

It can generate four kind of Imei Unlock codes.
     1.       NCK :- network carrier code also consider as sim network unlock pin.
     2.       SPCK :- Service provider unlock code.
Bell, roger and TELUS normally require both NCK and SPCK code.
     3.       NSCK :- network sub-net unlock code
     4.        Unfreeze or defreeze code:- mostly used with Samsung mobile.

Once you have generated unlock code insert new sim. It will prompt for sim network unlock pin, enter NCK code. Some of the sim require both NCK and SPCK code to unlock mobile. Some of Samsung mobile need defreeze code and NCK code for unlocking mobile.

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