IMEI Unlock

 IMEI Unlock Codes to Remove Network Lock.

     IMEI Unlock prowess can efface network restriction applied on smartphone. IMEI is very important for sim unlock, mobile tracking and registering on carrier network. Without IMEI number, it is impossible to generate sim network unlock pin.


How to get IMEI Unlock Codes or Sim Network Unlock Pin.

Furnish following details about devices.

1) IMEI number of Google pixel, Samsung galaxy, Nokia, Motorola, Htc and Huawei. In case of iPhone provide IMSIor IMEI number.

2) Carrier name: T-Mobile, at&t, sprint, roger, bell, orange, Telstra, mts, MegaFon, fido, TELUS, o2 and Verizon.

3) Location or Country where network lock is implemented.

4) Make and model of devices = iPhone 11, Google pixel 4, pixel 3 etc.

Some software applications require Mobile Country Code and Mobile Network Code.

 Once you provide above information, you will get Unlock Code to registered email address.

When you settle down all due payment of mobile. You will get IMEI unlock code to registered email id.

Start mobile with any sim card. Mobile screen shows network locked sim card inserted, enter sim network unlock pin. Or enter sim restriction code or prompt that mobile has carrier network lock. Enter IMEI unlock code and ok. If code is genuine then you will receive message that network unlock successfully.


How to fetch IMEI information.


If you have synchronized mobile with Google account. Then you can get IMEI detail under device tab of Gmail. If you have registered for Samsung find my device or find my iPhone. Then log in to your Samsung account or apple account also provides IMEI information.

      IMEI number is written on cellphone bill. On iPhone or apple mobile, IMEI is written on sim tray. It is also written on battery sticker or back cover sticker. Go setting / about phone / IMEI related information. If mobile is dual sim, then there is two IMEI number. There is universal code for IMEI number *#06#. Many android and iOS applications are available to fetch IMEI details.


Can I change IMEI number of mobile?

Yes. When you get invalid IMEI error or IMEI number malfunction. Under such circumstances, you can change IMEI details. But IMEI number must be genuine as per your country.


Why do I need to change IMEI number?

When you purchase mobile from off market or unknown person. And mobile IMEI number is 000000000000000 or 111111111111111. Or you can say IMEI number is all one or all zero or random numbers. Without genuine IMEI number you cannot register on sim carrier network.


How do I modify IMEI number?

Root your mobile. Enter into engineering mode and access NVdata or cds folder. Here you can modify IMEI related information.

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