Howto Network Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

How to unlock Samsung galaxy s7 edge, free at&t t-mobile sim network unlock galaxy s7 and how to get Samsung g s7 / s7 edge sim network unlock code from IMEI number.

                           Samsung galaxy s7 edge and galaxy s7 equipped with chipset exynos 8890 and snapdragon820. Samsung g s7 support 2g 3g gsm / cdma / 4g lte having 4gb ram and internal memory 32gb /64gb and expandable to 256gb. In Samsung galaxy S series Samsung galaxy s7 edge and galaxy s7 have display screen 5.5 and 5.1 respectively and having quad HD super AMOLED display. AMOLED stand for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. It has 12 mp rear camera and dual pixel 5mp front camera. Galaxy s7 edge installed with android OS latest  version. galaxy s7 edge and galaxy s7 have battery 3600mah and 3000mah.


 First method to unlock Samsung galaxy s7 edge and Samsung g s7 unlocking vie retrieving network unlock code from galaxy s7 OS.

                                                    Samsung galaxy s7 edge sim locked then unlock code must be stored within android OS of Samsung g s7.  To recover network unlock code first download any good file explorer or root explorer from the app store.  This method cannot be used with sprint, Verizon, bell and telus CDMA Samsung galaxy s7 edge unlocking. As there is no unlock code used in cdma unlocking. This trick can only be used with GSM network unlocking like at&t and t-mobile sim unlocking.

                            Also go to Samsung G s7 edge setting- about device- software info- tap 7 times build number. This will open developer option. There is an option for enable USB debugging, root explorer and mount file system then enable those options.

  Install SU - superuser to root/ system / sbin,xbin and bin.

  Here are the possible location where Samsung galaxy s7 sim unlock code and Samsung g s7 edge network unlock code can be stored.

              1)            Browse the /root folder of s7 edge galaxy android and find the folder named carrier. Under carrier folder there is a file name called property or build.Prop and APN config. So location for unlock code for galaxy s7 edge is */carrier folder/. These are the files where network information and sim network locking information are stored. If you replace this file with unlocked version of files. Samsung galaxy s7 edge can be unlocked for free. Carrier folder has all information about GSM sim network. For older galaxy mobiles here is the way to find samsung galaxy sim network unlock code  from Samsung android OS. This method is only useful for previous version of Samsung galaxy mobile.  At&t t-mobile sprint cricket sim carrier folder may have different name.

                2)      There is EFS folder under */root folder. This EFS folder have all information about galaxy s7 IMEI number, sim network information, sim locking information and it also has NV data. NV stand for Non Volatile memory. This file may content information about sim locking code. So search for nvm_001, nvm_002 file name. And if you find such file. Open those file with editor and look for network lock or sim lock information.  Rewrite of NV data can also unlock Samsung g s7 edge smartphone. I have created separate post for how to unlock Samsung mobile without unlock code. Go through that post, in that post I have given detail about how to  get NV data option on Samsung galaxy mobile. EFS folder also contain carrier folder which has hidden menu for Samsung galaxy s7 edge smartphone.

            3) You can look into root/ system folder or system / sbin or bin folder for simlock, networklock or carrierlock file. If such file exists, then twick with those files can also unlock galaxy s7 edge.

                            It is not necessary that such file always exits on Samsung g s7. These are just tricks to unlock galaxy s7 edge for free.

You can use this method for following galaxy s7 edge models and galaxy s7 model.

               Unlock bell Samsung galaxy s7edge sm-g935w8, galaxy s7 edge sm-g935f  Europe , china Samsung galaxy s7 edge sm-9350, unlock at&t Samsung galaxy s7 edge model no. sm-g935a, unlock t-mobile Samsung galaxy s7 edge model no. sm-g935t, us cellular Samsung galaxy s7 edge sm-g935r4 unlock, Verizon samsung galaxy s7 edge unlock model no. sm-g935v.

Second method for how to unlock Samsung galaxy s7 edge for free without sim network unlock code.

                                    This method requires more technical knowledge about galaxy s7 edge. This can permanently unlock bell, telus, at&t and t-mobile  Samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge GSM network. If you are unlocking CDMA galaxy s7 edge / CDMA Samsung galaxy s7. After firmware installation, you need to enter CDMA network information for galaxy s7. As in GSM subscriber network information stored at sim card like cricket, US cellular sim. In CDMA there is no sim card, network information is software coded into galaxy s7 phone.

1)      In this method first go to setting -about phone and find baseband version of Samsung g s7 edge. Find the mobile modem version and modem firmware version of galaxy s7 edge.

2) Here are the few Samsung galaxy s7 USSD codes for software, hardware and firmware version.
*#1234# ,   *#8999*8376263#   and   *#2222# .

3) Download galaxy s7 edge modem firmware version as per model no. At&t Samsung galaxy s7 edge model no. is sm-935a, at&t galaxy s7 model no. sm-930a and T-mobile Samsung galaxy s7 edge model no is sm-935t, t-mobile galaxy s7 model no. 930t. You can also download degrade version of galaxy s7 modem from any free source.  For Samsung galaxy note5, galaxy note 3 here is another method for sim network unlocking galaxy note5. Here I am providing more better way to unlock galaxy s7. You can also use this method for galaxy note4 and galaxy note4 unlocking.

4) When Samsung g s7 smartphone sim locked, such locking occurs at firmware software level. Such locking are logical and there are no physical sim locking. If you replace entire firmware software of Samsung galaxy s7 edge. There will be no locking and your bell / at&t / t-mobile Samsung galaxy s7 edge fully unlocked.

5) Connect Samsung galaxy s7 / s7 edge to computer. Keep copy of android Software Developer Kit SDK. Install USB driver for samsung g s7 or s7 edge on computer.

6) Enable USB debugging on Samsung galaxy s7.

7) Download any Samsung compatible software which allow you to reinstall or change modem firmware software galaxy s7 or s7 edge.

8) It is advisable to download degrade version for modem firmware. Then install that degrade version of modem firmware on Samsung galaxy s7 edge / galaxy s7. After installing degrade version of firmware Samsung galaxy s7 edge is unlocked. Upgrade modem firmware to actual modem firmware which was installed on locked Samsung galaxy s7.
              If sim locking is done at bootloader level then this method will not work. You need custom bootloader for unlocking Samsung.
              Above Samsung galaxy s7 unlocking method can be used for following Samsung g s7 models.

Sim unlock bell Samsung galaxy s7 model no. sm-g930w8, china Samsung galaxy s7 sm-g9300/9308, Europe Samsung galaxy s7 sm-g930, cricket Samsung galaxy s7 unlock model no. sm-g930az, at&t Samsung galaxy s7 unlock model no. sm-g930a, t-mobile Samsung galaxy s7 unlock model no. sm-g930t, us cellular Samsung galaxy s7 unlock model no. sm-g930r4, Verizon Samsung galaxy s7 unlock sm-g930v.

Third method how to get sim network unlock code for Samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge.

  You can generate correct unlock code for galaxy s7 / s7 edge.

To generate network unlock code you need following information.
        1)      IMEI no of Samsung g s7 edge / galaxy s7.

       2)      Carrier with Samsung galaxy s7 locked : at&t, t-mobile, bell, orange, o2, us cellular and cricket.

      3)      Mobile Country Code / MCC : This is not mandatory.

United states of America / USA :310, Canada:302, United kingdom / UK :234, Germany: 262, France :208, Australia :505, Oman : 422 ,Saudi Arabia:420 and United Arab Emirates / UAE : 424, Ireland : 272.

       4)      MNC / mobile Network Code for GSM sim locked carrier:

MNC for USA at&t unlock= 70,90, MNC for USA t-mobile unlock=26, MNC for USA cricket unlock=16, MNC for USA Verizon unlock=110 and Sprint =120.

MNC for Canada bell unlock=640,650, MNC for Canada Telus unlock=220,221.
O2 UK unlock=2 and Vodafone UK=15.
MNC for Orange France unlock=1, 2.
O2 Germany unlock=2, T-mobile Germany =1.

       5)      Make and model of Samsung g s7 and s7 edge:

Samsung galaxy s7 models are bell sm-g930w8, china sm-g9300/9308, Europe sm-g930, cricket sm-g930az, at&t sm-g930a, T-mobile sm-g930t, US cellular sm-g930r4, Verizon sm-g930v.

Samsung galaxy s7 edge models are bell sm-g935w8, sm-g935f  Europe , china sm-9350, at&t sm-g935a, t-mobile sm-g935t, US cellular sm-g935r4, Verizon sm-g935v.

      6)      Android os version installed on galaxy s7 edge:This is additional information.

Once sim network unlock pin generated from IME number. It normally generate 4 kinds of unlock code.

1)      NCK network carrier code / Network Control Key: when you insert a new sim. It shows that invalid sim card or network locked sim card inserted. And it asks for s7 sim network unlock pin or galaxy s7 sim network unlock code. Here enter NCK code. NCK is the most widely used unlock code.

2)      SPCK service provider unlock code: many time for Samsung galaxy s7 network unlock code is SPCK code. Many GSM ask for SPCK Service Provider Control Key.  Fido, metroPCS and Canada Telus require both NCK and SPCK code for sim unlocking.

3)      NSCK Network Subnet code key / Network Subset Control Key: in USA many sim company use at&t , t-mobile and US cellular GSM network. Those companies only have sub network. To unlock those sim, you should use NSCK code. In Canada bell, telus and roger are the main GSM / CDMA network provider. And other company only have sub network. Similarly in UK Europe o2, Vodafone are main gsm network provider and other company have only sub network.

4)      Unfreeze or defreeze code: these codes is mainly used with Samsung mobile only. Many of Samsung galaxy has roaming lock. This makes Samsung galaxy smartphone phone freezed. Also when you enter wrong network unlock code many time it hardlock mobile. To unlock Samsung galaxy s7, you need both unfreeze code and nck code.
                                           Once you got galaxy s7 edge / galaxy s7 network unlock code. Insert new sim to samsung galaxy s7 or s7 edge. On galaxy s7 edge screen it show message that wrong invalid sim card, incorrect microchip simcard, network locked sim card inserted or phone restricted and ask to enter bell / t-mobile / at&t galaxy s7 edge network unlock code.


                                   Enter NCK code. If you have entered correct sim network unlock pin than you got message that network unlock successful. If you get message that network unlock unsuccessful. Then first check that Samsung galaxy s7 edge unlock code is 8 digit. You have entered correct unlock code. For at&t sim unlock, t-mobile sim unlock you need to enter NCK code. But bell sim unlock, telus sim unlock you need to enter first NCK code and then SPCK code.

                          If phone is freezed, then you first enter defreeze code and then nck code. After that galaxy s7 fully unlocked and you get message that network unlock successful.

 Above three methods can successfully unlock Samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge.

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