Nokia Smartphone Special Codes

Nokia android secret code and Nokia Lumia smartphone special codes.

            This page provider various Nokia android codes for unlock by PUK code, sim restricted or not accepted sim lock status, network and roaming lock status and many more. Nokia lumia 730 dual sim special codes, lumia 530, Nokia lumia 930, Nokia lumia 1020, nokia lumia 1520 32GB secret codes. Nokia lumia 1520 has snapdragon processor Qualcomm 800 Quad Core Processor.
           This Nokia secret codes are different from Nokia unlock codes. This Nokia USSD special code unlock hidden feature of Nokia android phone which are not easily accessible to user. This Nokia code unhide hidden menu of android smartphone.


Nokia Special Codes.

     Below list of android secret codes or special codes also applicable to lg smartphone and Samsung. Some of these codes are common for LG and Samsung. I have created lg smartphone codes page for various LG android phone codes. Many of those codes are also applicable to Nokia smarphone and android phone powered by PIE 9, android one, android 10, 11, marshmallow 6.0.1, kitkat and lollipop operating system.

Secret Code to Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code Error.

         While using below USSD code if you facing Connection problem or invalid MMI code  error. Then use comma  , at the end of USSD code or + sign at the starting of your code. for example
*#872564#, or  *#+872564#. This Connection problem or invalid MMI code error fix work only when there is only one # in USSD code.
1.       USB logging control code of android smartphone = *#872564#.
2. If android is locked and require to unlock by PUK code for that you need dialer screen. You can get dial screen for unlock by PUK code with this command= **05**#. You can use this for Nokia lumia 730 and lumia 1020.
3.*#*#0673 #*#* = Nokia audio test code = *#*#0289#*#*. This is for various Nokia lumia phone and Nokia smartphones.
4. If you want to check that Nokia is locked or not. Here is the code to check Nokia phone lock status = *#7465625#.
5. You are in meeting and you missed a call. You want to test Android vibration and android back-light test = *#*#0842#*#* .
6. Nokia file manager copy screen= *#*#273283*255*663282#*#* .
7. Nokia lumia android WLAN test code =   *#*#528 or 526#*#*. This will also open option for many other test modes for android phone. This codes are for WiFi or wireless LAN testing. You can also use this code *#*#232339#*#* for WiFi testing.
8. For WiFi MAC address use *#*#232338#*#*.
9. Some time it may happen that you are not able to listen properly. It might possible that your android smartphone not properly hold at your ear. Or due to your proximity sensor problem. You are not able to hold android mobile at your ear and sensor not able to adjust it. Code for proximity sensor = *#*#0588#*#*.
10. Software firmware version of android = *#*#1111  or 1234#*#*.
If you are purchasing used or second hand Nokia android mobile. You want to check that Nokia mobile is repaired before or not. Or you just want that phone is dissembled opened before or not.
11. Nokia phone status code= *#92702689#. This provide information about android, when your android first time purchased – purchase date, you can use for Nokia lumia 930.
 When it was repaired / opened. If it is not repaired then it show ---- or 0000= date or repaired,
Date of manufacture etc. this Nokia lumia 1520 secret code useful. When you purchase costly phone and to make sure it is new and not repaired.
12. Check Nokia lumia service provider lock status  :  #pw+1234567890+1#. This will provide service provider lock status. This code useful for unlocking mobile phone also.
     For old mobile you can use * key 3 or4 time to get p, w ,+. For new android mobile either you type at message text editor. And copy to dialer or press and hold 0 for + sign and for p, w use * or 7, 9.
13. Nokia smartphone sim network lock code:  #pw+1234567890+2#. This will provider sim network lock status. These codes are useful for Nokia mobile unlocking.
14 Nokia android roaming lock status code   :  #pw+1234567890+3#. This will provide roaming lock status or country lock. Like you are moving from USA to Europe or moving from Finland to Ireland within Europe. For android unlocking, I have created separate information. You can go through that post.
15.  *#92702689# or #pw+1234567890+4#. This provides sim card lock status of android. This is useful when sim in not accepted or sim restricted.
16.  Nokia default lock unlock code is 12345.
  I hope above codes are useful with android mobile. There codes are applicable to any android mobile having android latest OS, android one, 11, pie 9, marshmallow, lollipop or kitkat versions. You can use these Nokia smartphone special codes for LG and Samsung galaxy. Some of this special codes work for Samsung and lg smartphone also. And some might not work as these codes are for Nokia smartphone.

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