Android smartphone Sim Unlocking details

How to generate SIM Unlock code, requirement for generating sim network unlock code and why mobile are sim carrier locked.


To generate IMEI unlock code for smartphone you need:

     1)    IMEI no of smartphone : which is unique for each mobile. If you have dual sim mobile. Then you may have two different IMEI number for two different sim slots. This two sim slot named as master sim slot and slave sim slot.

     2)    Make and model of smartphone: make is like LG, Samsung, HTC, iPhone, Motorola, Nokia etc.

3) SIM card serial no – there is a distinct serial no for each sim card. So to unlock sim you need this serial no also. This is not necessary nowadays.
4) MNC & MCC –  MNC stand for Mobile Network Code like t-mobile, at&t, orange, us cellular each have their mobile network code. MCC stand for Mobile Country Code. There is a separate mobile country code for each GSM sim provider.

5) Version of android OS installed on smartphone – this is not mandatory, some software ask for it.
It will generate following kind of carrier unlock code. 1) NCK – Network Control Key/ network carrier code 2) SPCK 3) DEFREEZE or UNFREEZE code for hard locked mobile.

Why mobile are sim carrier network locked.

      Sim locking is combined effort of GSM sim provider and mobile company like Nokia, LG, Samsung and apple iPhone. Sim locking is widely used by phone seller for their business purpose.  Many time new smartphone technologies are launched. And to attract customer, mobile are sold at lower price than its actual price. And to recover cost and to make profit. Such mobile are sold with locked sim. So that customer stick to company for longer period of time. 
     Briefly sim locking is the process by which it locks iOS or android mobile to that particular sim provider’s network. If you want to use another SIM, you need to network unlock SIM.

Technically when you insert sim to android smartphone, it searches for network available. At that time sim fix network of sim’s GSM provider on mobile and generate one code. This code requires when you want to use another sim or network on that mobile. This code is knows as carrier sim unlock code.
                        Let me brief you in GSM mobile, network information are stored within sim card and locked with sim card. While in CDMA mobile network information is programmed with codes. These codes are integrated with CDMA mobile software. My page mainly focuses on GSM mobile.
                                 Many time when you insert sim to mobile. You will get a message that enter sim unlock codes or contact service provider, SIM restricted, sim card not accepted, invalid microchip. Tthis is also one kind of sim restriction error. This happen when phone is locked by GSM network. In this case you need IMEI unlock code for sim to use other GSM network.                    

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