Mobile trick to increase memory

Mobile Phone tricks to increase memory

In last post you have seen many free mobile phone unlock codes. Now free tricks for mobile phone to Increase your mobile memory

By regularly checking the task manager you can make more free memory by closing the background application

Second method - Smart Launcher trick:

For smooth working of mobile phones it is needed to have more free memory and everyone like that mobile work smoothly.Soo and there are software available like smart launcher by which you can increase free memory in your mobile same you are doing with your computer.
First install smart launcher to your mobile and go to option.
Then setting and make launcher on. Now plug on your charger and switch of your phone.

Wait till it shows battery meter on screen and then press Menu button of your mobile don’t hold it just press for a while and release.
You can see Manu on screen and you can have 4 to 5MB free RAM
Hold Menu button to check RAM.

Trick behind this is that when charger plugged in, the phone must have a minimum software for charging your mobile, somehow Smart Launcher has still got it's shortcut running and that's the Menu button appear. So when you click Menu button, you go directly to the Menu, no other phone tasks running in the background so you trick the phone and you have more free RAM!

Third method
Start your phone in flight mode by using Psiloc system tools. Install system tools and open it and select flight mode. With this you can restart the phone without using your SIM card. So no other application running in back ground you can have more free RAM.

forth method
By this way you can increase around 200-300KB space but I think it is useful for you.soo be like smart guy don’t close your menu by selection right selection key and exit or pressing the menu key another time. These ways it only hides the application but do not close it. To close it, choose the left selection key and option and scroll down and then select "exit".

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