Sim network unlock galaxy note5 note3 4

Unlock codes for Samsung galaxy note 5 dual sim, free sim network unlock pin for galaxy note 5,note 3 and galaxy note 4 unlocking.

             Samsung galaxy note 5, note 3 and galaxy note 4 are very widely use in USA and Europe market. Samsung galaxy note 5 have 64 bit Quad-core 1.5 GHz cortex-a53 & quad-core 2.1 GHz cortex-a57 processor. Galaxy note 5 now also available with android  latest version.
               Here I will guide you how to unlock Samsung note 5, note 3 without unlock codes and how to generate free Samsung galaxy note 5 unlock codes from IMEI. This unlocking process is also applicable to Samsung galaxy note 4 unlocking.
               I am providing two different procedures for galaxy mobile unlocking. In 1st procedure unlock Samsung galaxy note 5 and note 3 without unlock code. And in 2nd method how to generate free sim network unlock code for Samsung galaxy note 5 and galaxy note 3 unlock code.

This unlocking process can be used with following galaxy models:
          Unlock Galaxy note 3 n9000, unlock note 3 9000, note 3 9005, note 3 n900a, note 3 n900t, galaxy note 3 n900wt unlock. Samsung galaxy note 5 unlock codes, galaxy note 5 sm-n920t, unlock note 5 sm-920w8, note 5 sm-n920a unlocking code and galaxy note 4 sm-910t, note 4, sm-n910w8 unlock,n910t, 910s,910c,910a models.

How to unlock galaxy note 5 without unlock code:

               First enter into Samsung galaxy note 5 service mode. Debug service mode command different for different model of galaxy note. This service mode have many valuable information about android phone. To unlock at&t and t-mobile sim and to unlock note 5 network. You need to manipulate NV memory/ non volatile memory under service mode. What we doing here is, we erase network data from NV memory and restore it with back up. So all network locking information will be deleted. And your note 3,4 note 5 should be unlocked.

                    Service mode USSD code are *#0*# or *#0011# or *#197328640# or *#27663368378#. Sometime different GSM carrier set different USSD code for service mode. If you are using T-mobile then use *#2263#. After entering service mode, you need to find network lock option. This service mode allows us to unlock GSM sim restricted and allow us to modify NV- non volatile memory of android phone.

                   Within service mode tap on UMTS tab. UMTS stand for Universal Mobile Telecommunication System. UMTS is for 3G GSM and it is more secure than older 2G GSM.
  Tap on debug screen.
  Tap on phone control and under phone control, tap on network lock.
Tap on PERSO sha256 off option.

                 For understanding purpose this network lock module and perso sha256 combine effort lock galaxy note 5. Network locks initialize android locking. PERSO sha256 is encryption algorithm, which secure your network lock with pass code.
                What we are doing here is first we disable pass code by enabling flag PERSO sha256 off. This will stop prompting for network code. Then we rebuild NV. NV stand for non-volatile memory of android phone.
Now tap on perso sha256_enable_flag1.

                It responds that menu does not exist. As we are doing it first time. Use back key as show in below figure. Don’t use hard button to go back. Otherwise you will be out of service mode and process remain incomplete.

              Go back from network lock- phone control-debug screen until UMTS menu comes. Select common and under common- select NV rebuild option. In some mobile you may directly get NV rebuild option of GSM.

                 Select restore back up or you can also try for load NV default. Your note 5 screen become black, some of light flashing. Galaxy note will reboot and hopefully it unlocks galaxy note 5 smartphone. Here is more details guide for Samsung galaxy sim network unlock without unlock codes or without sim network unlock pin. In many Samsung galaxy note mobile this service menu or network lock option are hidden. You will not find network lock option from service menu or you may not find parso sha256 off option. As it is hide by GSM provider.

               In that case go to phone setting- about phone- and find baseband version of your Samsung galaxy note 5. Connect note 5 to computer via USB. Enable USB debugging and install the baseband version software on galaxy note 5. If galaxy note still locked, then follow the above procedure and unlock the galaxy note 5.

How to generate free sim network unlock codes for Samsung galaxy note 5, note 3 and note 4.

 To generate Samsung note 5 sim network unlock codes you require following information.

    1.     Samsung galaxy note 5 IMEI number: and if you have Samsung galaxy note5 dual sim mobile. In that case there are two IMEI numbers for galaxy note 5. From two IMEI number first 10 to 12 digits are same only last 3 to 5 digit different. Use first IMEI number. That is master IMEI number for unlocking note 5.
To find IMEI number: use *#06# or *#*#4636#*#* to get IMEI number of galaxy note 5. Or go to setting -general-imei information on your galaxy note android mobile.

     2.     Make and model of your galaxy note 5. Make is Samsung electronics. Samsung galaxy note 5 models are Samsung galaxy note 5,
Galaxy note 5 sm-n920t,
Unlock note 5 sm-920w8, 
Note 5 sm-n920a unlocking code.
And galaxy note 3 models are
 Galaxy note 3 n9000, note 3 9000, note 3 9005, note 3 n900a, note 3 n900t,  note 3 n900wt.
Galaxy note 4 models are sm-910t, note 4, sm-n910w8, n910t, 910s, 910c,  910a.

    3.     Location where galaxy note 5 sim locked:
Location is a country / province: USA galaxy note 5 unlock, UK galaxy note 5 unlock. I think European market note five was not published. They only promote galaxy s6 edge.

      4.    GSM carrier of locked note 5 mobile:
GSM carriers are at&t USA galaxy note five unlock, t-mobile USA note 5 unlock and US cellular galaxy note 5. For Canada bell,roger galaxy note unlock and for United kingdom o2, orange etc.

5. Mobile country code / MCC: USA mcc-310, Canada-302, United kingdom-234.

6. Mobile network code/ MNC: mobile network code is of GSM sim provider. And depending upon GSM or CDMA or wireless network, this code varies depending upon GSM network you are using. You can get this from GSM sim provider manual.

7. Android version of galaxy note 5:

           There are four kind of unlock code generated.1 network unlock code 2. Service provider unlock code 3. Sub provider unlock code and 4. Defreeze code / unfreeze code. And default or master unlock code from galaxy note 5 and note 3 is 00000000. But this code is not working now a days. It may work for old Samsung mobile. All above unlock codes generated for galaxy note 5 and note 3 are of 8 digits.
Once you get unlock code for galaxy mobile.

How to enter unlock code for galaxy note 5.

               Samsung note 5 sim slot is at top side of mobile. Use needle to remove locked sim and insert new sim. As you insert new sim, mobile detect sim and pops that new sim added and note 5 mobile get restart.
            It show that invalid sim card or network locked sim card inserted. Some time it says that contact service provider or enter special code and sim unlock code. Swipe to unlock your screen and on screen it show sim network unlock pin for galaxy note 5. If you are using galaxy note 3 then it ask for sim network unlock pin.

             Enter network unlock code that is first unlock code and tap on unlock. It will show requesting network unlock. If your unlock code is correct than you get network unlock successful. 

             If you have entered correct unlock code, even then if galaxy note network unlock unsuccessful. Then enter unfreeze code and I am sure after that you will get pop up that network unlock successful.

                Sometime it may happen that when you insert a foreign sim card to Samsung galaxy note. It automatically freeze Samsung galaxy note smartphone. That is why if you enter correct unlocking code, even then it will not unlock galaxy note android. You should enter defreeze or unfreeze code after network unlock code to fully unlock galaxy note mobile.

 I hope this can remove sim restriction from Samsung galaxy note 4, note 5 and note 3 mobiles.

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