how to Sim Unlock LG V10 for free

  LG V10 sim network unlock code from IMEI number, At&t bell Verizon t-mobile lg v10 unlocking to work with any sim Network and how to recover lg v10 unlock code.

                                       LG v10 CDMA /GSM  EVDO / LTE has snapdragon 808 chipset hexacore CPU with nano sim, 4GB RAM and internal storage 32GB / 64GB. It has android lollipop os version 5.1.1 and can be upgradable to latest android OS version. LG v10 can record smooth video with rear 16mp camera and two 5mp front camera and having two screen main screen and second screen quad HD display resolution 2560x1440.


                                 I am providing you two different ways for sim unlocking lg v10 t-mobile at&t smartphone. In first method we unlock lg v10 android phone without sim network unlock pin or network unlock code. You can use lg v10 unlocked mobile on any GSM sim network. In second method we unlock lg v10 by generating sim network unlock pin for free. I also explain how to generate sim network unlock pin for lg v10 t-mobile.

                                        By above second method you can unlock lg v10 all models including at&t lg v10 h900 space black opel blue, unlock Verizon lg v10 vs990 luxe white, unlock t-mobile lg v10 h901bk space black, unlock lra lg v10 rs987, lg v10 h960 unlock, unlock lg v10 f600s – k – l, lg v10 dual sim h961n unlock and lg v10 dual sim 962 unlock. It also unlocks lg v10 h903/ h904 / h908 / h909.

Why you need to unlock lg v10 smartphone.

                                          You have bought at&t t-mobile lg v10 with sim locked. You have two working sim card and you want to use those sim to lg v10 dual sim or you want to use another sim to lg v10 android. When you enter new sim to lg v10. On lg screen you get message that network locked sim card inserted, wrong sim card, invalid sim card unlock your phone, phone restricted enter phone restriction code, contact service provider to unlock lg v10. Now to use all gsm sim on lg v10, you need to unlock lg v10 phone with sim network unlock code.

                                             Before continuing to two different methods for lg v10 unlock. I give you some tricks to recover network unlock code/ sim unlock code from your lg v10 mobile. When your mobile locked it’s unlock code must be within its android os file system. Download any file explorer of lg v10, lg bridge also a good file explorer. I am not sure it can go deep into file system.  

                                    First go to lg v10 setting and enable root explorer and enable mount file system and also allow su superuser. Search inside root folder there is an EFS folder, under EFS folder find NVDATA file. NVDATA is a non volatile memory which contain all information about gsm sim network. It may possible that you can find network locking code inside NVdata file. Remove that code and unlock lg v10. Search inside root/carrier folder, root/system, system/bin folder for carrierlock file or networklock file or simlock file. If you find any such file that has hidden unlock code in hexadecimal. Open those files with hexa editor and calculate your unlock code. It is not necessary that such file always exist inside your lg v10 this is just one trick.

 First method to unlock lg v10 at&t , T-mobile without sim network unlock code.

                                     This is only applicable to European version of lg v10 h960a android m unlocking. You are from other countries like united states of America, united kingdom, middle east. Even though you can try for this. You get unlock.bin file after registration. You are eligible for v10 unlocking. Here is the lg g5 sim unlocking for free by bootloader unlock method. You can also use below method for lg g4 and lg g5 unlocking.

       1.      First download android software developer kit from developer site. To download SDK kit for lg v10 go to developer lge site and click on android. New page will be open. Then click on SDK & tool.

       2.       Explore android software developer kit, you require
-          ADB /Android debug bridge exe file.
-          Adbwinapi.dll     this is for windows operating system. If you are using Linux or MAC Pro then this file will be different.
-          Download lg USB driver for android smartphone.
-          Adbusbapi.dll for compatibility with USB as you are connecting your lg v10 mobile to computer via USB cable.
-          Fastboot executable file.

        3.      Enable USB debugging mode on lg v10 android Smartphone. To enable USB debugging go to v10 android setting – developer option. Without this computer not able to detect lg v10 smartphone.

       4.      For ADB- android Debugging Bridge also requires USB debugging enabled. Without that adb cannot able to make bridge between lg v10 mobile and computer. Adb act as an interface between lg v10 smartphone and computer without this lg v10 can’t communicate with computer.

      5.      We are unlocking lg v10 h960a European and lg v10 android m via bootloader unlocking.

     6.      OEM stand for Original Equipment Manufacturer here it is lg electronics. To enable OEM unlock, go to lg v10 android setting – developer option – activate OEM unlock option. But if you are doing lg v10 unlocking from imei generated sim network unlock pin, in that case you don’t need to activate oem unlock.

     7.       First go to developer lge website and not lg website. At the bottom of the page there is a mobile resource tab, click on android.
  New page will open, click on unlock bootloader tab.
At the bottom of that page click on starting unlocking the bootloader.
  It ask for a registration, register yourself it is free. During registration it asks information about lg v10 smartphone.
- Your name, your email address- you will receive unlock.bin key file on this email id.
- Select lg model as we are unlocking lg v10 smartphone for Europe. There are also lg g5 and g4 model which you can unlock with this method.
- Provide lg v10 IMEI number or MEID no.

8.  lg v10 device id. You can find lg v10 smartphone device id by following way.
 - Open command prompt on your windows computer or mac and change directory to where you have stored above Software Developer Kit / SDK.
- Enter this command -     adb devices.
- This will provide you the list of all external android devices connected to computer. If lg v10 not in that list then install lg android USB driver to computer. Computer detects lg v10 android.
- Device id of lg v10 consists of 64 characters that contain alphabet and numbers. You need to reboot lg v10 smartphone and remove all other android devices connected to your computer.
- At the command prompt enter following command –
 adb reboot bootloader.      
This reboot lg v10 in fastboot / bootloader mode.

  Enter command -     fastboot oem device-id.

Command gives you below result
Lg v10 bootloader) device-id.
Lg v10 bootloader) 32 character string.
            Bootloader) another 32 character string.
                        LG v10 device-id is above 32character+32character without space that is 64 character device-id of lg v10 android.

9.      Enter device id to registration form and click confirm to submit lg v10 all details for unlock.bin key file.

10.   After verification you will get lg v10 unlock.bin file to your email id.

11.   Now copy unlock.bin key file to lg v10 phone. You need to overwrite lg v10 memory with unlock key code so that you can use lg v10 on any gsm sim network.

12.   Flash unlock key file to lg v10 mobile by following command. After that lg v10 fully unlocking and you can use any sim on lg v10.

13.   Go to run prompt and type   --    adb reboot bootloader.

This will reboot lg v10 mobile in fastboot / bootloader mode. Go to the directory where you have copied your unlock.bin key file.

14.   Now type this command     --     fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin.    

This will fully unlock lg v10 android smartphone.

15.   To check that lg v10 unlocked or not  first type this command

Adb reboot bootloader.

 By this lg v10 enter into bootloader mode
-          enter command     --     fastboot getvar all.
-          Response of the command is
    Bootloader ) unlocked: yes

  Boot lg v10 into system mode by   -- fastboot reboot command.
 You have unlocked lg v10 mobile.

Second method How to sim unlock lg v10 mobile by imei generated sim network unlock pin

 for lg v10 all models like v10 dual sim h961n, h962 model, lg v10 h900 /901, h960, vs990, v10 f600s / k /l.

 To generate sim network unlock pin for lg v10 at&t, t-mobile you need following information about lg v10 android.
       1)      IMEI number of LG mobile.

       2)      Make and model of smartphone: that is lg electronics and models are lg v10 dual sim h961n, h962, h900 /901, h960, vs990, v10 f600 s / k /l.

      3)      Mobile Country Code / MCC : each country has its own mobile country code.

United States of America MCC is 310, Canada =302, United Kingdom=234, Australia=505, France=208, Germany= 262, Ireland= 272. Saudi Arabia =420, Oman=422, United Arab Emirates=424.

      4)      Mobile Network Code /MNC : each gsm sim provider has its own mobile network code. These codes are different for same sim provider for USA and UK. For example at&t USA mnc code are 070,090, t-mobile mnc USA=026.
O2 UK mnc =2, o2 Germany mnc=7 /8. Sprint, Verizon, bell, Telus each has its own mnc code for different country. You can get this from sim manual. You can find how to get lg imei unlock codes for lg g2 and lg g3 unlock code. Though all these method have same criteria to generate lg IMEI unlock code.

      5)      Sim serial number: some software tool require sim serial number but this number is not necessary.

      6)      Lg android installed with android os version: kitkat 4.4 – kitkat 4.4.4. , lollipop 5.0 – 5.0.1 and marshmallow 6.0 – 6.0.1, PIE, android one and 11.

After providing above information, it generate following different kind of sim network unlock code.

1)      NCK / network carrier code / network control key: this is most widely used unlock code. When you insert new sim to lg v10. It asks for sim network unlock pin for your lg v10. Enter this NCK code.  NCK code is a network unlock code for v10 smartphone. To unlock o2, orange,At&t, t-mobile  lg v10. You should enter network unlock code NCK.

2)      SPCK / service provider code key : this is sim service provider unlock code. To unlock bell sim, telus and fido sim, you should use SPCK service provider unlock code. When you enter new sim to lg v10 android. If it prompt for sim network unlock code for lg. Enter this SPCK code.  Many time you need to enter both NCK and SPCK code. Specially bell sim unlocking metropcs sim and fido sim unlocking.

3)      NSCK / Sub network code key / network subset key: many GSM company in America use at&t, t-mobile GSM network as parent network and they only have sub network. In Canada many sim provider use bell, telus network and in UK and Europe many sim company use o2, orange and vodafone network. Those sim provider only have sub network. To unlock such a sim card you should enter NSCK code- network subset unlock code. When mobile ask for sim network unlock pin for unlocking.

4)      CPCK / CCK /corporate unlock key: many major industry purchase buck of mobile for their employees. To unlock those lg mobile you require corporate unlock code.

5)      Simck / Sim Unlock Key : this is sim unlock code. Enter this unlock code when lg v10 asks for sim unlock code. This is not widely used code

6)      Unfreeze / defreeze code: normally these codes are not used for lg smartphone. Cellphone got freezed when it has roaming lock. When you have tried 5 or 10 unlocking attempt and mobile got hard locked.

                                              After you get lg v10 sim network unlock code, insert any sim to lg v10. It ask for sim network unlock pin – unlocking attempt 1 of 10 unlock or dismiss. That means you have maximum 10 unlock attempt.

                             Enter correct sim network unlock pin for your lg v10 which is of 16 digits.  Normally you should use NCK code and tap on unlock.  If mobile is successfully unlocked you get message that sim network unlock successful.

                                You get the message that sim network unlock unsuccessful then enter service provider unlock code – SPCK and many time bell, TELUS and Fido require both network unlock code and service provider unlock code. So first enter NCK code of lg v10 and then enter SPCK code for lg v10.

  I hope above lg v10 unlocking method help you to unlock all your lg v10 models.

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