What is esim discussion faq about esim

Meaning and definition of esim. list of carrier which provide esim and list of smartphone devices which support esim.

Meaning of esim – esim is digital sim or electronics sim. It does not require nano, micro mini sim slot. In fact it does not require physical sim. All sim related information stored in digital form. For esim your smartphone must have microchip which store esim data.

Definition of esim- esim is embedded subscriber identity module. All gsm carriers store mobile number subscriber registration and authentication detail on your sim card. Here it is stored digitally on chip inside your smartphone gadgets. You don’t need physical sim card. And in mobile we have 4g 5g technology while in computer processor it is 7th generation 8 th generation similarly esim is next generation sim card. It is also called as remote sim.

List of carrier which support esim or carrier which provide esim services.
Not all sim carriers provide esim. Below is the countrywise list of esim service provider.
United States – t-mobile, at&t and varizon wireless
Canada – bell, virgin
United kingdom – ee limited bk group
Germany – telekom, vodafone
Australia - telstra
Spain – vodafone spain
Austria – tmobile
Czech republic – tmobile 
Croatia    - hrvatski telekom

Hungary – Magyar telekom
Apart from this gigsky and truphone is international worldwide service provider. It also offer data plan on esim for about 180 countries. More carriers will be added in near features.
List of gadgets smartphone which support esim
Samsung gear s2 classic / galaxy wearable
Iphone xs, iphone xs max and iphone xr
Google pixel 2, pixel 2 xl . Google also introduced esim manager apps by which you can manage your esim profile.
There are more than 80 electronics company which plan to include esim technology. So more devices come up with esim support.
Faq discussion about esim
How to activate esim?
To activate esim you need mobile which support esim. Now apply for esim. Choose your plan. Carrier will create qr code as per your plan. Scan qr code with smartphone camera. This will generate esim profile on mobile phone. It also asks whether you want esim is primary or secondary sim. Choose accordingly. It may take some time to activate esim. You can also apply for esim via carrier app.
How many esim I can use on single mobile?
You can save more than one esim on mobile but you can use only one esim at a time. As at present there is only one chip for esim on latest smartphone.
How do I swap esim from one mobile to another mobile?
You can swap esim profile from mobile to mobile. You don’t need to remove sim as esim is digital sim. Each carrier esim generate separate profile on your mobile.
  If I have t-mobile nano sim on my mobile can I use at&t, varizon, gigsky truphone esim on same mobile?
Yes you can use any e sim on mobile infact esim unlock dual sim features on single nano sim mobile phones.
I have locked smartphone can I use esim as second sim?

If you have locked smartphone than you must have second sim from same carrier or you need to unlock smartphone to use other sim on locked mobile.

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