Sim Unlock

Sim Network Unlock Pin to unlock mobile sim card.   

  Sim Unlock is exercise which nullify network restriction applied via IMEI number. After that mobile will work with any network carrier card. To network unlock any smartphone, it need SIM Unlock Codes which are produced using IMEI number.


Three different ways sim card are locked. And you can unlock SIM by different way.

 1) Sim Network lock – 

This need IMEI unlock codes to unlock sim card. Following details are needed to get sim network unlock pin.

1) IMEI number of android.  Or iOS mobile like iPhone IMEI or MEID number. On iPhone IMEI number is written on sim tray. Apparently MEID number also printed on bill.

2) Carrier name – Name of the network carrier who has locked mobile. T-mobile, at&t, sprint, Verizon, Telstra, bell, TELUS, roger, Fido orange, Megafon and MTS.

3) Location country - exact location country name must be provided to generate accurate sim unlock code. If iPhone or Samsung mobile is locked at Russia and if you provide different country name than unlock code will not work.


     Once you get sim unlock code, insert any sim card to mobile and start mobile. It will prompt to enter Sim Network Unlock pin, or it may show error messages as shown in figure, invalid sim card, network locked sim card inserted, enter sim restriction code, invalid microchip.




These are android mobile error messages. To unlock iPhone it does not use sim unlock code. But iPhone shall be connected to iTunes. It connect to apple server and verify mobile details. Then on screen you will get message iPhone is successfully unlocked.


Second way to lock sim card is mobile operating system security features:

To access this features go to setting > security & location > scroll down until you find sim card lock. If you have dual sim mobile then there is separate sim lock setting for each sim card. Now enter pin to lock sim and to unlock sim reenter same sim pin.


Third way to lock sim is PUK.  Sim PUK code to unlock sim.

PUK come into picture when you accidentally locked mobile. Or you have entered wrong sim pin many times and sim card got permanently locked. Here you need to use PUK code to unlock sim. Even mobile security features malfunction and locked sim card. Then sim PUK code can unlock mobile.


How to get PUK code.


PUK code is written on new sim card as shown in image. If you have registered on carrier website. Then within your account information you will find sim PUK code. Call to customer care and request for PUK code. They will send SMS with PUK code details.

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