samsung android lollipop unlock codes

Samsung android unlocking and android lollipop sim network unlocking method

          Any Samsung smart phone locked then unlock code must stored insider android os like lollipop. So to unlock any android smart phone, you need to find unlock code inside samsung android os software like kitkate , lollipop etc. So if you find the place where this network unlocked code stored, then you can recover that unlock code which is generated as per imei no. and with the help of that unlock code you can unlock your Samsung android mobile.
   Below is the process how to find imei network unlock codes stored insider Samsung smartphone operating system lollipop or kitkat.

       Keep in mind in newer phone which are dual sim phone. There are two imei no for same mobile. As there are two sim slot and for each sim slot, there is a unique imei no. You can check this by go to setting – about phone –status phone,signal etc- imei related information –

imei no (slot 1)=15 digit no   imei sv (slot1)=  normally 2 digit no.
imei no (slot 2)=15 digit no   imei sv (slot2)= 2 digit no.  

       So it may possible that there are two mobile blocking codes for two different sim slot. So it may possible that there are two different bml file for two different sim slots. Bml file is the main file where Samsung galaxy unlocking number is stored and this code is encrypted.

Process of Samsung android  lollipop unlock code finding and samsung android phone unlocking

You can unlock any Samsung phone via this method. But for unlocking cellphone you need following things.
   1)    You need to rooted your Samsung phone with computer or laptop. For that you require rooting software as per your Samsung cellphone model and your android version ie kitkat 4.4, lollipop 5.0 etc.  And you phone usb debugging must be enabled. To enable usb debugging go to setting – applications – development – select usb debugging.

    2)    To check android version goto app > setting more > about device. And download appropriate software as per mobile android lollipop or kitkat version.
    3)    Download usb device as per your Samsung phone. And connect phone with pc or laptop.
    4)     You need to install android emulator on your Samsung phone as it requires to communicate with your Samsung android os.
    5)    Install hexa editor software on your computer so it can decode your mobile’s network unlock code which is saved insider your android version.

How to find network unlock codes which is secured inside your android phone

Ø   Start android emulator on your Samsung phone
Ø   Type the following command     
               cd/dev/block     t
Ø   This will bring you the folder where device/ your android phone hide blocking- locking codes.
Ø    Type su  (su stand for super user) tap yes

Ø  Now  type

Command -- dd if dev/block dd if=/dev/block/bml3 of=/sdcard/bml3.bak       or
Command --   cat /dev/block/bml3 > /sdcard/bml3.img
You can also use bml5 instead of bml3 depending upon your mobile.

Ø   This will copy the bml3.bak or bml5 file with hexa locking code which makes your phone locked.
Ø  Now use and hexadecimal editor software which are available online. And open bml3.bak or bml5 file with hexadecimal editor software. Your phone unlock code stored insider bml3.bak or bml5 file in hexa decimal number.
Ø  Search the following string FFFFFFFFFF0100000000
Ø  or.  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30

String is different for different Samsung mobile.
Press f3 until you find unlock code.
Unlock code is visible at right panal of your hexa editor software.

Below image is just a example it is not actual.
lollipop kitkat unlock

Ø  This is your phone unlock code. Here is the instruction for entering
Samsung sim unlock code . This will give detail information of how to network unlock your Samsung phone.

How to check Samsung phone is fully unlocked
For newer Samsung phone like Samsung galaxy 3 galaxy 4 mini and Samsung note 3 etc
Insert the new sim if cellphone does not ask any code that it means phone is fully unlocked.

For older Samsung phone like Samsung galaxy s
Enter the service menu code*#7465625#
This will bring you following menu
1)[] network lock   this is for network unlock code
2) subnet lock            sub provider unlock code
3) [] sp lock                  sim unlock code
If above all the options are off then your cellphone is fully unlocked.

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