Sim unlock samsung galaxy s8 varient

Samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus varient mobile sim network unlocking methods

Many mobile gsm company and mobile company sell mobile with sim locked condition so you cannot use other sim on that mobile. Tmobile, at&t, roger, bell, telus, cricket all sell samsung galaxy s8, samsung galaxy s8 plus and galaxy note 8 with sim locked condition. Also sell many lg , nokia motorola , iphone and htc mobile with network lock and you need network unlock code for that.

  To unlock those samsung galaxy mobile you need sim network unlock pin. You can unlock samsung mobile by following method.

Method 1: turn off network lock on samsung galaxy s8 plus to unlock it. For this you need to enter in service mode. Service mode command are *#0011#     or  *#32489#. But these code are hidden so you must unhide hidden menu on your samsung galaxy and then try to enter in service mode. Now inside service menu find phone control and under that menu select network lock menu and deactivate it. This will sim unlock your mobile. It is not so easy as it appear.

Method 2 : you can install custom rom on your mobile but this will unbrick your mobile and may void warranty.
Download stable custom rom for your samsung galaxy s8 model. Below is the different samsung galaxy s8 plus and s8 model number. galaxy s8 model are SM-G950 and SM-G955. And samsung galaxy s8 plus model are
Samsun g galaxy s8 + Canada G955W ,
At&t s8 +; G955A,
Sprint samsung galaxy s8 plus  G955P ,
T-mobile galaxy s8 plus G955T ,
Verizon samsung galaxy s8 +  G955V.
Now root your mobile also install flashing software and then install custom rom. But before doing this note down imei number of your samsung galaxy s8 / s8 + and also note down original stock rom version and original baseband / radio modem firmware version.

Method 3 : easiest method is to get network unlock code from imei number of lg, iphone, nokia and motorola mobile. There are many site provide sim network unlock pin for samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus mobile.  You need to provide just imei number of your mobile and carrier with which your samsung galaxy s8 mobile is locked. They will email you unlock codes.  There are different kind of unlock code nck code, spck code , defreeze unfreeze code. Normaly nck code is your network unlock code. If your mobile is hard locked due to wrong unlock code entered many times then first enter unfreeze code and then nck code to unlock samsung galaxy.

             Once you get unlock code start your mobile with different sim. If your mobile is locked with at&t then start your mobile with t-mobile, cricket , bell telus or fido sim. Now you will get dialog box enter sim network unlock pin for samsung galaxy. Enter nck code and your mobile is unlocked. Samsung sim network unlock pin is about 8 to 16 digit.

       For Tmobile samsung galaxy s8 plus unlock download tmobile device unlock app and make sure you have fully paid all the due amount about your tmobile. And keep your mobile connected to internet via wifi. This will unlock your mobile. If you have tmobile samsung galaxy s8 varient and it is pre paid then you must use more than 30days and you have spend around 40+ dollar. Then you can unlock tmobile samsung galaxy s8 plus for free with this app.

Method 4 : when mobile is locked, unlock code for samsung galaxy is hidden inside your mobile. So root your mobile also install usb driver for your mobile on computer and connect mobile via usb cable and download samsung galaxy s8 unlocking software and search unlock code for samsung sim. There are many software available for this.

     If you have cricket ,sprint or at&t samsung s8 varient then you must paid all your due amount. It must activate more than 50 days depending upon the gsm company. No complaint against your imei number and not blacklisted. Then you can ask for unlock code to customer care.

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