Network Sim Unlock Lg Stylo series Smartphones

How to unlock lg stylo stylus all model including lg stylo 4, lg stylo 3,lg stylo 2. This is also useful for lg g7,  lg v30 ,lg v 35 unlocking.

               Metropcs, cricket wireless, bell, roger this carrier company are not only sim provider or gsm cdma service provider. They sell mobile phone of lg, samsung, nokia, apple iphone,motorola, htc smartphone. This mobile are sold on contract, no contract, prepaid. But mostly those are sim locked mobile though they do retail selling also. But most of the times mobile are sim locked.

               Sim locking mean if you mobile is locked with bell sim then you cannot use roger, sprint, metropcs, tmobile or at&t sim without bell sim unlocking. Similarly if your mobile is metropcs sim locked then you cannot use Vodafone, telus, orange sim without network unlocking metropcs simcard. here is How to Unlock T-mobile Sim for lg,samsung,iphone,htc mobile.You may ask why this mobile are sim network locked. Actually they offer latest mobile like lg stylo 4 plus,lg g7,lg v35,iphone,samsung galaxy s9, htc desire on discount price or monthly installment plan or on contract basis. And until they recover their due payment they kept your mobile network sim locked and after you make all payment or complete contract they provide you sim network unlock pin for lg or whichever your smartphone is. If you mobile is locked and you insert different carrier sim card then you get these error messages network locked sim card inserted enter sim network unlock pin, sim unavailable, wrong sim card, enter sim unlock code or sim password or contact service provider.

Unlock lg stylus Recover Unlock code within your smartphone os software :
                    When mobile is locked, network unlock code hidden inside your mobile android os. It is normally within network module of your smartphone operating system. Latest android os like nougat, oreo are robust and you cannot easily find unlock code. Normally unlock code is inside root / carrier folder  or network folder and all network and imei related information are stored inside efs folder. For that you need good smartphone file system explorer and root your mobile and need super user and administrative right.  There are some softwares and app which claim that they can recover unlock code from your mobile. But now a day this is not so easy. you can find them on search engine or on internet.

Other ways is unlocking lg stylo series mobile with modifying firmware / operating system :

                      In this method you need to find custom rom firmware software for your lg stylo smartphone specific model. Then root your mobile, install flashing software, superuser and flash firmware on your mobile. This may void your warranty. And mobile service center easily come to know that mobile firmware is modified. So if you are good technical person then only go for it. Layman should not try this.

Here are some lg stylo 3 plus model d802,d802ta,d803,vs980. Some lg stylo 2 model number k550,k557.  If you flash wrong custom rom firmware then your smartphone freeze or malfunction.

Generate unlock code for lg stylo all variant including lg stylo 4,lg stylo 4 plus,lg stylo 3,lg stylo 3 plus, lg stylo 2 and lg aristo, lg g stylo  or lg aristo 2, lg g7, lg v 35.
               To generate unlock code you need 1)imei number of your smartphone . 2) sim carrier name and country where your mobile is locked. 3) samsung, lg,nokia,iphone, nokia, htc smartphone exact model number. lg stylo 4 has different model number even Usa and Canada same mobile have different model number. Even if your purchase lg stylo 3 or lg stylo 2 from metropcs and cricket then model number will be different. Be specifically provide your smartphone model number. There are some apps and software  an website which can generate unlock code from imei number. You can download them from playstore or from internet. Even trial versions are also available.

These will generate four kind of unlock code
1)nck - network carrier code or network unlock code this is your main unlock code for your lg,samsung,nokia,htc or motorola mobile. You can enter nck code by using this #0111*nck code#. But for latest smartphone you directly get enter sim network unlock pin for lg stylo when you insert different carrier sim.

2)Spck code – service provider unlock code. This is used sometime for unlocking mobile.
3)spk – network subset code. This is used when mobile is network locked on sub network only.
4) defreeze or unfreeze code – this is also very useful code. When your mobile is hard locked by entering wrong unlock code many times. In that case you need unfreeze code to unlock your smartphone. When mobile is freezed. You will get message that phone freeze and you will not find unlock code menu on screen. In that case, enter defreeze code and then press #. Otherwise use this code #0199*unfreeze code#.   Sometime you need both nck code and unfreeze code for unlocking your mobile.

Metropcs and t-mobile Lg stylo Unlock :
If you have metropcs lg stylo mobile then it must activate for 180 days.  And you must have paid all your due amount to them. After that you can use device unlock app which is pre installed on metropcs lg styus. Keep wifi internet connection on so that metropcs devices unlock app can connect to server and verify imei number of your lg stylo for unlocking. Choose permanent unlock. And then restart your mobile. You can also contact customer desk of metropcs and ask for unlock code. Once you receive unlock code from them. Insert other sim card like at&t, cricket, fido to your lg stylo mobile.
                Now you get enter sim network unlock pin for lg stylo 4 or lg stylo 3 or lg stylo 2 or whichever your lg mobile is.

         If you not get this screen then enter 2945#* your lg stylo model number#. if you have metropcs usa model then it is q710ms, code will be 2945#*710#. It it is cricket lg stylo 4 them model is q710cs. Then you will be prompted for sim unlock code. Enter unlock code.
If you have t-mobile then you must have paid all due amount of your lg stylo. And then you can use t-mobile device unlock app to unlock your lg mobile.

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