Nokia Phone Unlock Codes

Nokia unlock codes

Nokia phone unlock codes for free. There are different nokia unlock codes for different nokia models like nokia 6288, n95, Nokia 6682, 7270, 6280, 1600, Nokia 6130. Even there are two types of mobile unlocking service provider unlocking – sim unlock. You can also get mobile unlocking software that will generate codes for unlocking
Free Nokia Cell Phone Unlock Codes

1) Unlock Nokia 6600 (Orange, UK)
2) Unlock Nokia 3390 (Fido, Canada)
#pw+6595657252+1# or
3) Unlock Nokia 6102 (Cingular, USA)
4) Unlock Nokia 6820b (AT&T, USA)
5) Unlock Nokia 6102b (Cingular, USA)
6) Unlock Nokia 6010 (T-Mobile, USA)
7) Unlock Nokia 3120 (Vodafone, Spain)
8) Unlock Nokia 6101 (T-Mobile, USA)
9) Unlock Nokia 6230 (Vodafone, UK)
10) Unlock Nokia 7600 (3 Network, UK)

         If you have latest nokia smartphone like nokia lumia 730 dual sim or nokia lumia 1520 32gb then here is the nokia lumia smartphone secret codes. These codes are useful to unlock hidden menu of your nokia android. This code are used for sim lock status of lumia 1020, service provider lock of nokia lumia 930 and various useful function for nokia wifi test, screen test and many test mode code for nokia lumia smartphones.


Hussey said...

Hey do you have unlock code for Nokia 6133
Service provider: T mobile

Serial no: 355536016376133

Hussey said...

Hey do you have unlock code for Nokia 6133
Service provider: T mobile

Serial no: 355536016376133

Seamus said...

Hi Would you have an unlocking code for a 6600 Slide

Imei 356383023902448 locked on 3 network


isaac said...

Hey do you have unlock code for nokia 5220 express music Service provider Tesco

isaac said...

Hey do you have unlock code for Nokia 5220 express music Service provider Tesco

xnigma said...

I have Nokia 6126 and i would like to unlock it. I realy need it unlocked.
serial: 357654017521819,
provider AT&T.
I used code generated on one website, but I got message: CANNOT UNDO RESTRICTIONS, Please help

Jlo said...


Can you help me to unlock my Nokia 5220 Expressmusic phone. Its locked to Virgin Uk.
IMEI: 355717021308556

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks x

selwyn said...

hey do you have the unlock code for Nokia 6133
Service provider:


If u do pls send it to my email

Tena said...

Hi! I need to unlock my Nokia 6288. Please help me, I need it emegreny. Thanks! :)

lesmiserable said...

hey i ve this nokia 6102i phone locked by AT&T nd with Cingular Chip.

IMEI is 354829/01/680623/8

code is 0549766H016C6

Jojo said...

kindly unlock my nokia 6020.

alcuni said...


I have a N95 locked on Vodafone
IMEI : 356962010570043
Can you unlock it,please ?
Thank you

kuki said...

Hi, would u have an unlocking code for Nokia 6600 slide? In Ireland, O2, imei: 356383021535224

Dambae said...

Can any body help me with 1600 nokia unlock code

bhavin said...

hey do you have unlock code for nokia 2610

service provider:- at&t (us)

serial no:- 011191000211429

Rafiul said...

I want to unlock my Nokia 5130 xpress music.It was unlocked by country lock,i want that country lock for using at BD

Bikram Ojha said...

can you tell me the unlock code for Nokia N95 with imei 356843029308254, locked by optimus Portugal?

Chris said...

Hi there do you have maybe a code for a Nokia 1208

Imei: 358628015775790 for Vodafone (DE) Callya?


Peter said...

Hi. could you please get me the unlock code for a Nokia 6120c EMEI code 358641010837713 tied to O2 in Ireland. Thanks Peter

Cotysinko said...

do you habe unlock code for nokia n97 from 3 (uk)..
if you have tell me and i give you mi serial number!!!..

thank you very much!!

tigranaramazd said...

Hi, would u have an unlocking code for Nokia 5220 ExpressMusic? In UK, O2, imei: 356840027903185
Post on my mail:
Thanks a lot!!!

Keiran said...

hey do you have an unlock code for a nokia 5610

Service provider T mobile

Sandy said...

Hi great post. Thanks for sharing these mobiles unlock codes. can you provide Sam sung mobile unlock code.

Mobile Phone Book

cool said...

Thanks for your unlocking code..It's really useful for me..I unlocked My Nokia classic using the .This site provides the unlocking service for me at very cheap price..

sai said...

hey i forgot my phn security code of 5220 xpress music how to restore it ..............
plsss helpppp

john said...

hi doyou have unlocking code for nokia 6230i on orange what it on o2 my IMEI355386007832664 my num is 07704023896

andres said...

Hi there I need to unlock this Nokia 1208 from Telefonica Movostar, Uruguay. Would you PLEASE Help me No. 012237004636373

Joe W said...

Do you have an unlock code for a Nokia 6300 on T-mobile please?

john said...

Hey its really amiging. Keep Sharing.

Virgin phones

Sergio said...

Hey do you have unlock code for Nokia E63
Service provider: 3 Network(UK)


ashok said...

do you have unloking cde for nokia 3110c

SFOSS Club said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rubu thomson said...

Most of the newer phones will not work with the codes generated by the free unlock programs. I just want to say that Unlock codes are unique to the phone itself, do not try using another person's unlock code even if it's for the same model.

Nokia Accessories

The Visions of nhaya said...

do you have unlock code for nokia 1661

The Visions of nhaya said...

hey do you have unlock code for nokia 1661 ?i need it to switch my phone to wind mobile

The Visions of nhaya said...

do you have unlock code for nokia 1661

khalid said...

hi please unlock my nokia e63

zebratecmultimedia said...

You can try all these free unlock codes, but most are for older phones. i had to unlock my phone by paying It was quite cheap and worked without any hassles

zebratecmultimedia said...

i bought a code from they are an australian site but they do any phone around the world.

worked perfectly and i know they support nokia unlocking from various networks.

zebratecmultimedia said...

here is the link to there website

zebratecmultimedia said...

here is the link to there website

zebratecmultimedia said...

i will try again. the link is unlock codes australia

ajaz said...

hi there i bought my nokia n97 used from pakistan it was worked very well in pakistan but when i come to uk it not working i put every network sim in it but still its said sim registration failed what i do with it now any help plz

sagar.valmiki said...

i have a nokia2323 uk network.imei is 352725/04/753632/7

PeterPero said...

Please help!

OT-300 alcatel

Provider: 300x2AALBY1

ERONET – Bosnia and Herzegovina

jayrod131 said...

need unlock code for 6350 asap! please help!!!! sn, 352692043841046

se7en said...

help me ! Nokia x6-00 16gb (show) unlock code IMEI:353422041005439 thank !

cmobilephones said...

Nice article...good going update some more information on this topic.
nokia 2690

NicePaL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NicePaL said...

I have Nokia slide 6600
Serial No: 351954033081301
Came from UK and I want to use in Pakistan.
Network ufone or (all)
Please help me to unlock this set.

percy said...

hii have a nokia 5530 xpressMusic and would like to get the unlock code

percy said...

i have a nokia 5530 xpressMusic and would like to get the unlock code

sujithra sree said...

unlocking via unlock code is the safe way to unlock..

Mizipper said...

I have Nokia 1208 UK-ORANGE
Can you help me open it to all network or at leest to LEBARA? Please thank you ever so much

NOKIA-1208 ORANGE (uk)
IMEI: 352905024914529
CODE: 0555655
TYPE: RH-105
my Email:
I Thank you in Advance THANK YOU ...............

Geo said...


I have Nokia N95 locked by Orange UK. My IMEI is 356962014444716.

How I could have the unlock code to unlock my device please?

leaskin said...

i have nokia c1-01 from fido can it is possible to unlock it the imei is 012999005055842

afaqs said...

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afaqs said...

Excellent information for locking the Nokia Mobile Phone.Thanks Guy's to provide valuable information for nokia mobile phone locking.

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Mohi Uddin said...

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Terrance Wright said...

hay anybody have the code to unlock my att nokia windows phone imei number 356696053518713

Saurav said...