Germany France 5G high speed network rollout information

Germany France 5G Mobile Network Quintessential Details.

  German national agency Bundesnetzagentur has declared on 28/11/2018 to accept application for 5g spectrum band auction till 25 January, 2019. Auction will happen in mid 2019. They ask company to develop urban as well as rural for better mobile and communication network. Here is the frequency range which allocated for 5G services. 3.7GHz to 3.8GHz and 26 GHz.  Frequency range from 2.4GHz and 5 GHz are for wireless broadband field. Germany has already auctioned spectrum 700MHz way back in 2015 which will available from 2019 for network carrier.

DT Deutsche Telekom (T-mobile) has started building 5g site at Berlin it has deployed six 5g antennas in May 2018 and will add 70 more at different sites. These antennas are working on 3.7 GHz band based on 5g new radio MIMO technology offer Gbps speed. Their future plan includes 27000 mobile base station / antenna sites for 5g wireless communication. They will use fiber to connect base station for high speed 5g network.  Deutsche Telekom will add 2000 new antenna site every year. At present they are working on 27000 mobile antenna sites. These antenna sites are based on S RAN single Radio Access network.

Telefonica (O2) and Nokia join hand for developing 5G innovation cluster. They will make trial at Munich lab and then onsite testing at Berlin using 4.5G and 5G network.  This test include Nokia’s latest technology include innovation cluster with Massive MIMO, MEC Multi-access Edge Computing for low latency along with active antenna technology. This cluster sites spans to five Nokia site using 5G Airscale radio.

France 5G network development and roll out.

               ARCEP Regulatory authority for electronic communications and post confirm 5g spectrum band allocation for frequency range 1400MHz, 3400 -3800MHz and 26GHz. France has already extend deal for  900MHz, 1800NHz and 2100MHz spectrum. France aim that by 2020 at least their smart city or metro city will have commercial 5G network.
Bouygues Telecom along with Ericsson and Qualcomm, on 4th January, 2019  carried out 5g test on real condition using 3GPP Release15 5G New Radio non standalone standard equipment like  Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem as terminal connected to ERICSSON 6488 active radio antennas as host at Lyon site using 3.5GHz frequency band. They are currently preparing 5g network at 11 cities of France.  In other test Bouygues Telecom achieve speed of 25Gbps latency only 3ms using Ericsson radio base station with active 5G antennas. Bouygues is currently installing urban micro cell as well as setting up Cloud RAN network and connecting radio site using fiber cable.

Orange has already conducted 5G related tests at chatillon and also doing test at Lille and Douai. Orange gets permission from ARCEP to use 3.7-3.8GHz band. Orange has used 3GPP standard Intel mobile platform and Ericsson host network involve virtual core network along with 5G active antennas. Orange plans to build new mobile antenna site which support both 4G and MIMO 5G. Nokia and Kathrein will develop antenna.

SFR has high speed 4G+ network which can provide 300Mbps speed. Along with that SRF has done test on 3.5GHz band at Velizy and achieved 1Gbps speed. SRF has started 5g roll out and full fledged commercial 5G services available in 2020.

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