Scope of 5G Wireless Mobile Network Communications

What are the future scopes of 5G next generation new radio millimeter wave wireless network.

     5G New Radio Millimeter wave mobile wireless network technology is rolling out worldwide. It is on verge of experiencing of next generation Gbps speed mobile network for end user. In this post I will explain scope of 5g upcoming cellular new radio millimeter wave wireless technology. There is immense scope for 5g network technology. Many cities has already build up 5g network and available for commercial use. Samsung LG Huawei Xiaomi has already launched 5g Smartphone. Most of the Google Pixel mobile supports latest technology so definitely very soon Google will announce 5g support mobile.

Scope of 5G Mobile wireless network.

1) Revenue generate – 5g network spectrum band is having more price compare to 4G. This will generate good capital for every nation for development. 5G spectrum band using high frequency band. And it has more free channel compare to 4G and hence more bidder for 5g spectrum compare to other spectrum.

2) eMBB Enhanced Mobile Broadband – as we all know 3GPP 5G NR standard aims 20 Gbps speed. Many test carrier out and achieved in Gbps speed. It is said that with 5G users can get speed 40 t0 50 times higher than 4G network.

3) Virtual Reality Video – football match is going on at Russia or Germany and you are watching that match at your home USA. And you have feeling like stadium this is called Virtual Reality Video. After 5g network we can enjoy VR live video streaming using 5g supported spectacles glasses or goggles.

4) Argument Reality – AR is addition of real image and logical or virtually created images.  But final product looks absolute real.  This is the scope of 5G mobile network technology. For example for car game, first real time high way traffic recorded and also interior city road traffic recorded. Now here more virtual challenges are added to this. Or you can argument / value added to it. So when you play car game you feel it is real.

5) Self driving vehicle car or Artificial Intelligence - Self driving car look feasible after 5g wireless network. At present test are carried out on trial road. Here no human inputs require. Entire vehicle is controlled by software programs. Latency is very less in 5g NR wireless network.  So get real time data transfer and response time will become as good as live. Vehicle is remotely connected with Wireless network.  Traffic and road transport will be automated and self controlled.

6) Drone – in simple term drone is moving flying camera which are remotely controlled. With 5G network we can have real time data and live steaming of situation using drone. Which is very helpful in emergency situation. For example if fire occur in complex or water flood in city then we can have live steaming by drone so it avoid human casualty. It becomes very helpful in rescue operation.

7) Robotics and medical field – As we know there are many specialist doctor. But doctor stays at other countries. Now if you ask for doctor services who can travel long distance then it will become very costly. But using robots and 5g network doctor can check patient remotely and can perform operation using robot using 5g wireless network live steaming. 5G will make new revolution in medical sector.

8) Internet of Things (IoTs) - Internet of Things meaning is connecting many things together for better functionality. At present we have 5G, 4G LTE and 3g mobile network. We can connect wirelessly to our home light system you can power off it using mobile. You can connect to office camera and computer using 5g network and take file folder from your computer. Connecting CCTV system, home appliances and other gadgets.

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