Upcoming 5G Mobile Necessary Hardware Requirement

Requisite Hardware for 5G Mobile.

  Many smartphone companies declare that by 2019, mostly after first quarter of 2019 5G mobile are available for end user. Yet no one has declared specification and necessary hardware of 5G mobile. Question arise are what are the hardwares of 5G Smartphone, operating system, software, external port for 5G, processor of 5G mobile, RAM of 5G mobile, internal memory and display type. Here I will explain must required features and hardware for upcoming 5G mobile.

5G Smartphone must have following criteria. 

1) 5G Smartphone must work with 5G, 4G and 3G network. Or at least work with 5G and 4G together.
2) 5G smartphone require 5G supported modem as well as 4G LTE MODEM / Modulation Demodulation.
3) It require 5G supported antenna as well 4G antennas.
4) Latency for 5G network will be less then 10ms. Processor must be better than octacore to get optimum performance.
5) Battery capacity must be far better than 4G as live gaming, virtual video and multi function application are used. So extensive use of battery power occur though it is said that 5G consume less power.
6) Need higher Storage and more RAM / Random Access Memory capacity.
7) It must have dual sim slot for nano sim or micro sim and Esim support.
8)5G smartphone require multiple protocol support as it can connect to drone, auto drive devices and other gadgets.
9) IoT Internet of Things support.

1) 5G smartphone must support 4G, 3G network.

               5G network installation is at initial stage and at some countries it is on pre preparation mode. By mid 2019, only few cities will have commercial 5G network. It will take 5 to 6 year for entire rollout of 5G. We can say by end of 2024 most of the counties will have 80% 5G network. Now if 5G smartphone launched this year then it must support 4G technology to have in network all the time.
               5G network use higher frequency band and 5G standard are 3GPP / 3rd Generation Partnership Project using new radio Millimeter wave technology mobile Wi-Fi communication. They have special high caliber antenna base station using massive MIMO. So 5G mobile must have antenna receiver to work at high frequency above 24GHz.  It should also work with sub 6GHz and 600MHz but here speed will not upto the mark.
             Now at present only few places 5G network will available rest is 4G+, 4G LTE. 4G use 2 to 8 GHz band while 3G use 1.8 to 2.4GHz. For 4G network most of the network carrier use 700MHz, 850MHz, 1900MHz and 2100MHz band. 4G uses principle of OFDM orthogonal frequency division multiplexing for signal modulation.  5G also use OFDM but it has more advance version of OFDM and it can use spectrum more better compare to 4G.
             5G has higher frequency so more pulse in signal compare to 4G. So software, antenna and protocol are different for both 5G and 4G. So initial 5G mobile must have support to 5G higher frequency bands and 4G lower frequency bands.

2) 5G Smartphone must have 5G modem as well as 4G LTE modem. 

               Modem modulate digital signal which understood by mobile platform and base station of network. After 5G launch you will connect to 5G and 4G network regularly. So you must have both mobile standard modems.  And mobile must have complier model software interface for both 5G and 4G.
Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem can work with both mmWave and sub 6GHz band. It automatically move to 4G LTE network when your mobile is out of 5G network.
Intel 5G modem RFIC radio frequency integrated circuit works with sub 6GHz and mmWave band. It support 3.3-4.2 GHz as well as 28 GHz. It supports both 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO configuration. Intel modem can provide speed over 5Gbps. It is Intel XMM 8160 5G processor.

3) Require both 4G and 5G antennas.

            In 5G data signal transmit in beam form. This high frequency beam can send and receive more energy using effective path method. They have according 5G kind active antennas. While in 4G signal transmit in different way. So mobile must have both kinds of antennas. In 5G signal beam are narrow compare to 4G. Narrow beam are for short distance and it require amplifier to keep signal strength for long distance.

4) 5G mobile processor.

            Qualcomm snapdragon 8 series mobile platforms built in 5G features along with artificial intelligence and extended reality. Most of 5G smartphone will come up with snapdragon 855.
Intel atom c3000 series processor is used at 5G network base station. It is said that 5G iPhone come up with Intel modem or processor.

5) Battery for 5G mobile.

5G technologies consume less power compare to other technology. But 5G has more feature and facility and due to that extensive use of mobile need more battery power. Secondly VR video, live gaming, HD streaming and Internet of Things will demand more battery capacity for 5G phones. 

6) Storage and RAM capacity of 5G handset.

Internal memory shall be at least 512GB or more. As you can download 50GB data in 1 minute. So 64GB, 128GB is not feasible for 5G mobile.
        Latest mobile have 8GB RAM. But when you talking about 5G you are using next generation new radio millimeter wave technology. You are about to use VR video, live sport steaming, gaming and Internet of Things. All this require more cache memory. So RAM must have more capacity compare to 8GB to get best result of 5G mobile.

7) 5G cellphone need dual sim and E-SIM support.

5G network will not available at all places so we need 3G, 4G sim also. And if E-sim support than we can save multiple E-SIM on one mobile.
         Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Nokia, HTC, ZTE, Apple iPhone, Oneplus, Oppo, Xiaomi redmi will launch 5G mobile in 2019.

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