Russia SouthKorea Australia 5g mmwave network upgrade detail

Russia South Korea Australia 5G MMwave Network Nonpareil Information.

As yet 4g network improvement is going on. Advance LTE is the upgrade option for 4g. Now world wide 5g network installation is embarked. So many tests carried out by mobile carrier operators and 5g hardware manufacturer. In my other post I have given details of Usa, Uk, Canada, Japan, China and India 5g new radio mmwave mobile wireless communication roll out.

Russia 5G Mobile Network information.

           In this post I will provide Russia, South Korea and Australia 5g network upgrade details.
In Russia two big mobile network operators MegaFon and rostelecom join hand to develop 5g network. So that they can build massive 5g next generation wifi network and avoid all kind of competition to each other. Russian mainly aim on eMBB enhanced mobile broadband to get high speed mobile internet, fixed wireless access like router hub hotspot and also concentrate on Internet of Thing development. Commonwealth Independent States has millions number of mobile subscribers. So 5g have immense scope in Russia. To get full benefit of 5g you should have 5g smartphone. 5g will unlock new scope for smartphone and electronics field.
 MTS mobile network operator of Russia carried out test on 5g network during fifa world cup. This test includes hd video call, hd VR video streaming and gaming. MegaFon and rostelecom plan to build 5g network on 3.4 to3.6GHz and 26GHz. Megaphone along with Huawei and Qualcomm demonstrate 5g trial which achieve 1Gbps speed on mobile internet network. It has used Mimo 4T4R technology on 1800NHz band and 2.6GHz band for trial. They use cell with high caliber 5g antenna technology.
Rostelecom along with Ericsson carried out 5g test in a museum using 3500MHz 5g spectrum. They use robot for moving and placing art work within museum at St. Petersburg, Russia. They also transferred 4k video with live streaming using VR glasses for virtual really concept classes.

Beeline and Ericsson has team up for 5g new technology development and internet of thing technology implementation for Russia. And they upgrade beeline network with massive mimo which can provide Gbps internet speed. They also work on improvement of present Lte network to advance LTE and develop product based on Narrow-band Internet of Thing.

South Korea 5g network development.

SK Telecom and Samsung have begun 5g rollout using 3GPP R15 NSA non standalone architecture. This use both 4g and 5g network. They carried out test on 3.5 GHz and 28GHz spectrum. They combine LTE and 5g new radio. Samsung supply necessary hardware to South Korea telecom. They also use Ericsson and Nokia for 5g hardware.
LG Uplus will start 5g next generation high speed mobile internet from February 2019. They use latest 5g antenna technology for smartphone.They are installing 5g equipment at seoul, Bucheon, Hanam, Incheon and other major cities or Korea. They team up with Forsk for cell planning 5g network site. 5g network build up many small cell to strengthen network and reduce latency.
KT Korean Telecom will start their 5g services in March 2019 called true perfect 5g or real 5g not a fake5g or fixed5g. Korean telecom make 5g demo using Samsung Intel hardware. KT also announce lab for 5g equipment infrastructure testing.

Australia 5G High Speed Network rollout.

Telstra and Ericsson partner in 5g infrastructure development within Australia. Perth, Adelaide and Canberra are getting 5g next generation mobile wireless network. In 2017 telstra made its 5g demo on millimeter wave spectrum along with Ericsson.  Test is carried out on 26GHz mmwave band. It uses high caliber antenna for fast internet speed. Telstra has upgraded more then 50 base station within Australia for 5g network. It also started building 5g network at Brisbane, gold coast, Toowoomba and more city will be added in future. Telstra also designed 5G chipset with partners Qualcomm and Ericsson.

Optus has carried out 5g new radio next generation high speed mobile communication test in april with Huawei. Optus recent test shown that its 5g devices are capable of video streaming of 8k But now he need to find another vender I think Qualcomm will be better option. Optus hope that 5g network will be available in January 2019 for Canberra, Brisbane and more cities will be added in future. Optus already started rolling out 5g and also improving its 4g network. Optus is developing new 5g field site having high caliber antenna and 5g equipment. Optus partner with techno giant like Samsung and Intel. Initially it offers 5g fixed line and then start 5g services for smartphone. Cities which get first 5g network are Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Vodafone Australia is also in race for 5g network services. Early 2018 Vodafone and Huawei has done a test on fiveG network using non standalone 3GPP release 15 standard and sub6 GHz spectrum. Test involve data call and live hd calling and it also shown interoperatibility between 4g and 5g as call was involve both 4g and 5g devices using Huawei radio access network on 3.7GHz spectrum. This was shown to mobile world congress. Vodafone also merge drone technology with 5g network.

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