USA UK CANADA 5g network rollout detail information

  USA UK CANADA 5G Wireless Network Latest Maneuver.

Detail information about Fifth generation network roll out USA, UK, Canada and t-mobile, at&t, Verizon 5g upgrade plan, bell, Telus, roger 5G services detail and O2, EE and Vodafone 5g upgradation strategy.

             Most of the carriers world wide started 5G trial alongwith 5G hardware manufacture. It seems that by 2019 limited city will have 5G network and by 2020 full commercial 5g services will be available for consumer.
                    Many country auction 5G spectrum band and many network carriers started rolling out 5G network. USA, UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Europe and china has already started 5G network at some places.

 USA Verizon, T-mobile, At&t started their 5G rollout.


Verizon 5G network roll out.

     Verizon has already started home internet 5g. This is available on few cities like Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Houston and Sacramento. This service is already started from 1 October 2018. And Verizon add more states of America in 2019 onward. Infact Verizon and Samsung are partners in 5g mobile launch for USA. Verizon has annonced two 5g smartphone in 2018, one from Motorola and Samsung. Verizon will introduce 5g hotspot next year.

At&t 5G smartphone and 5G NR network introduction and development.

          At&t has started 5g network testing since February 2018. At&t has tested 5g network at Raleigh, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, Atlanta, Waco, and Dallas. At&t will launch next generation 5g network at Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Buffalo, New York, Chicago, Fresno, Greenville, South Carolina, Hartford, Connecticut, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Sacramento, California. At&t successfully tested fixed 5G and airgig at many citis. At&t also offers fiber high speed connection.
         At&t use millimeter wave spectrum where demand users are high or high network traffic expected and other places low band spectrum. So all the time their network remains strong and provide 5g high speed. Cradlepoint 5g router is available on at&t network. At&t start its 5g commercial services on 21 December offer netgear hotspot price 500 dollar and 15GB data.

T-mobile 5G installation and upgradation.

            T-mobile first offer 5g network at New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas and then expand it to 30 more big cities of USA. T-mobile build 5g network on millimeter wave band as well as law spectrum band 600Mhz which is supported on LTE. T-mobile also install 25000 small cell which help to maintain signal strength, avoid interference, keep network coverage high and make possible Gbits speed. Along with that they also improve 4g network speed.

Sprint 5G roll out strategy.

           Sprint first announces 5g smartphone launch with lg in 2019. It also sell htc 5g mobile smart hub. Sprint also in talk with Samsung for 5g mobile. Sprint is merged with t-mobile. Sprint starts its 5g rollout in 9 cities. Those cities are Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston,Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, Washington, D.C.
        Sprint 5g network based on massive MIMO technology and uses super fast 2.5 Ghz spectrum. This is more versatile as it supports 4g and 5g network together. They are deploying this network along with Ericson, Nokia and Samsung.

Canada 5G rollout.

          Roger starts testing 5g network at Ottawa and Toronto along with Ericsson. Ericsson has r&d lab at Ottawa. They rollout gigabit LTE network with latest 3gpp standard MIMO technology. They tested 5g network with VR glasses and also want to use it with automated device driving.
Telus has begun test for 5g network with Huawai at Vancouver. They tested on 28GHz MMWAVE band using MIMO antenna and get 2Gbps speed initially.
Bell and Nokia had completed their 5g trail way back in 2016. But the 5g standard are not fixed it will finalize by end of 2018. They tested on 73Ghz spectrum. Bell also partner with Huawei for 5g development at Dorval, Mississauga and Toronto. Bell is active member for contributing towards 5g standard development for 3GPP and NGMN.

5G network development plan strategy for UK.

Vodafone UK begins its test on 5G mobile communication using 3.4Ghz band along with massive MIMO. Vodafone is working on preparing massive MIMO site use 64T64R. Vodafone team up with Nokia and Qualcomm for 5G new radio trial. They plan real test on actual site like industries, commercial offices at various location including Liverpool, London, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham.

O2 UK announce its 5G plan named 5G lite. O2 has also carried out Li Fi technology test. WiFi use radio wave to transmit data while LiFi use visible light from led bulb to transmit data. LiFi means Light Fidelity. O2 also installing more than 1000 small cell around London and also using fiber cable to connect data center. O2 purchase 3.4 GHz spectrum for 5G.

EE carried out live 5G test using 3.4GHz spectrum. They got 1.3Gbps speed. Though in lab test speed was 2.8Gbps. They also test on sport game and telecast live. VR video virtual reality video is one of the main features of 5G network.  EE launch 5g at this cities initially London, Leicester, Coventry, Cardiff, Newcastle, Bristol, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds.

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