Howto Track Stolen IPhone iOS Devices


Locate Lost iPhone IOS Devices and How to Setup Find My iPhone Apps to track stolen iPhone.


Use Network Carrier to Search Stolen iPhone.


Reveal iPhone bill and IMEI number. Visit SIM card office and file complaint for lost iPhone. They observe IMEI number and IMSI number under watchlist. They consider IMEI number as graylist or blacklisted. When someone turn on iPhone. SIM card try to authenticate mobile network. It sends IMEI and IMSI number. Each carrier has Central EIR Equipment Identity Registry. They compare IMEI number and if it is found stolen iPhone. They blacklist IMEI number and track location. They found location of network tower where iPhone try to log in. IPhone sends location update, which can guide Base Transceiver Controller about distance of iPhone from tower. You can track lost iPhone.




First enable Find My iPhone option. Go to iPhone setting / your login name/ iCloud / turn on Find My iPhone. Also Enable Offline Finding option on iPhone and activate send last location of iPhone.

Log in to iCloud using same apple id, you used on stolen iPhone. Go to device tab. Select iPhone and find iPhone. It will show location of stolen iPhone. You can ring, secure or erase lost iPhone. You can track forgotten or misplaced iPhone.


Use GSP Chip for Device Tracking.


GPS Global Positioning System use satellite for location tracking. Many high cost vehicle are equipped with GPS devices. This is done by insurer. They log location of device using satellite and send it over cellular network.

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