Howto Remove Sim Restriction on Lg G6 mobile

How to sim network unlock lg g6 all models for t-mobile, bell, roger, fido, at&t, telus, o2 and orange sim.  

                    Lg has many models . One of popular is lg g6. Usa Uk, Canada gsm and cdma company sell lg g6 models in sim locked condition. And if you try to use other sim like bell, orange,o2 or at&t, t-mobile on lg g6 then it give sim error message like sim restricted enter code, network locked sim card inserted and ask for sim network unlock code or invalid incorrect network sim phone disabled enter special code. You must unlock mobile to use other gsm sim.

Here I provide 3 different ways for sim unlocking lg g6.

1 method Lg g6 unlocking bootloader without unlock codes.

                     You can use this method for sim unlock lg g6 for some of northern American model, European lg g6 models and Usa carrier free model. But if you are from other location then also take one try for this method. First take full backup of your lg g6.

1. Download and install usb driver for lg g6 on your computer.  Now to check whether proper driver is installed as per your lg mobile. Connect your mobile to computer and it must be recognized and found under my computer. Make sure you have driver as per your mobile model.

2. Download android sdk package or atleast download and install adb and fastboot on your computer. Adb act as a bridge between android device and computer so that they can communication.

3. I also suggest to install super user on your mobile.

4.  Now turn on usb debugging and oem unlocking option on your lg g6. For that go to lg g6 setting – developer option and select both this option.

5.  Now connect lg g6 to computer via usb cable.

6. Now start your lg g6 in fastboot or bootloader mode. For that type this command at adb shell   -   adb reboot bootloader.  This will start g6 in bootloader mode.
7. We started mobile in fastboot mode to find device id of lg g6. Here is how to find device id of lg g6. Without device id you cannot unlock lg g6 by this method. Use below command for device id.

Fastboot oem device-id.

Now you will get 3 4 line string in two line you get around 64 alpha numeric character which is device id. Now note down this device id.

8. Now go to lge developer site.  Create your free account with valid email id. You will receive unlock file on this email id.

9. Now again go to lge site. Click on unlock and then submit your imei number of lg g6, device id, your name and email address and then click on confirm.  If your lg g6 is valid for unlocking then you will receive unlock.bin file to your email id. Now download that unlock bin file to your computer. Now paste that unlock bin file to adb folder directory which is at c:\ program files \...,

10. Now you need to flash this unlock.bin file to your boot partition to remove network lock on lg g6.  As your lg g6 in bootloader mode. Use below command.

Fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin.

This will modify system boot partition and unlock your lg g6 now you can use any other sim like sprint, varizon with you lg g6.
Now  type command fastboot reboot now your mobile start in normal mode and lg g6 unlocked.  You can use this method for motorola unlock or htc nokia unlock. But  you can not unlock samsung using this method as samsung does not provide unlock file for any of its models.

2 method for lg g6 sim unlocking by generating unlock code from imei number of lg g6.

You can generate network unlock codes for any of lg mobile including lg g5, lg v10, lg v20, lg stylo, lg k10 etc. there are many apps and software available at playstore and internet which can generate unlock code for free. Even model specifil software are also available. Lg has different apps and software.  Nokia and samsung galaxy has different apps for generating unlock codes. To generate sim unlock code you need following information about your smartphone.

1. Imei number of your lg g6. And if it is dual sim then sim1 or master sim slot imei number.

2. Make and model of your mobile.

           Usa and Canada lg g6 models are at&t lg g6 h871,t-mobile lg g6 h872 and Canada lg g6 h873. Lg g6 h870ds dual sim for Russia hong kong and Europe. Us cellular lg g6 us997, sprint lg g6 ls 993 cdma and gsm and Verizon g6 vs998 gsm, cdma, lte and wcdma support.

3. Mobile country code and mobile network code for sim card with locked lg mobile.

T-mobile Usa mcc=310 and t-mobile usa mnc=260. Unlock code for tmobile usa is 16 digit. Lg unlock code may be 8 digit or 16 digit depending upon simcard.
T-mobile Uk mcc= 234 and mnc=30.
 mcc at&t sim Usa= 301, for  at&t Usa mnc code are 070,090.
At&t maxico mcc=334 and mnc at&t maxico is =010,050.
Mcc mobile country code for Canada is302 and telus Canada mnc=220,
fido Canada mnc=370, bell Canada mnc=640.
Mcc for United Kingdom is 234. O2 sim uk mnc=02, orange sim uk mnc=33,34, vodafone sim uk mnc=15
France mcc is 647 and orange france mnc=00. Germany mcc is 262 and o2 sim germany mnc is 03 and Vodafone sim Germany mnc=02.
4. Location where mobile is sim locked.

                           Those software apps generate different kind of unlock code named 1. Network unlock code nck also considered as sim unlock code or sim network unlock pin. 2. Service provider unlock code –spck. 3. Defreeze or unfreeze code – this is used when you mobile is hard locked or permanently locked as you have entered wrong sim unlock code manytimes. This is also used when you mobile is region locked or roaming locked.  4. Nsck – network subset code. To unlock fido sim you need both nsk and spck code.

                                 You can also generate sim unlock code for samsung, nokia, motorola and htc mobile using this method. Samsung unlock code is mostly 8 digit. Nokia unlock code has 15 digit and Sony ericson unlock code is  having 15 and 16 digit.

 Once network unlock code is generated here is how to network sim unlock lg g6 using unlock codes.

                              Now start lg g6 with foreign or non accepted sim now you get dialog box to enter sim network unlock pin or sim unlock code or special code. Enter nck code which you have generated. Now you get message network unlock successfully and restart your mobile. But if you mobile don’t ask for unlock code and only show network locked sim card inserted. Then start mobile with accepted sim or without sim and then go to dial paid and enter 2945# lg model number# tmobile model number 872 and lg  at&t mobile unlock model no 871. Now it will show a menu having these option depending upon how you lg sim locked  sim lock,network lock, service provider lock etc. select network lock and enter your  lg sim unlock code. This will unlock lg g6 and you can use any sim on that mobile.

3 method network unlock lg g6 by finding unlock code house inside lg mobile.

                      When lg mobile is sim locked then sim unlock code house inside lg mobile. Here I will give you places where lg unlock code hidden inside mobile. First look at /dev/block/ folder. Some of android mobile keep unlock code in this folder. Also look at root/ carrier folder and also search for unlock.bin or simlock or network lock file. You need to root your mobile to have access this folders.  In some of motorola or htc mobile unlock code house at dev/block/mmcblk0p6 partition you can use su dd if command to copy this file.  Unlock code is in hexa decimal so convert it to decimal and then use as network unlock codes.

              Latest samsung galaxy, lg, motorla smartphone are locked at boot level. There are mostly using kitkat or marshmallow os. So unlock code for samsung galaxy, lg, nokia and motorola are hiding inside boot partition. Or even modifying boot partition can also sim unlock cellphone.  You can use apps which can copy or backup mobile partition or you need to root your mobile and copy this partition. There are many free apps available which can copy partition of your mobile but it need super user access.  So install those apps on your mobile give super user rights and copy boot partition.  Or

              Root your lg mobile. For that download proper rooting software. Install usb driver of your lg g6 to computer. Install sdk – software developer kit from lg site or you can also download from internet. Also install super user on mobile.
Now enable usb debugging and also enable oem unlocking on your mobile. Now on your computer go to command prompt and use adb shell. And type this command 
dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/aboot (aboot is a boot partition name it may be different on lg ) of=/sdcard/aboot.img. now script code is inside boot partition which force to enter sim network unlock pin when you start lg g6 with non accepted sim. So if you modify boot partition and reflash to lg g6 then it will not ask for unlock code and you can use any sim on lg g6.

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