Mobile phones Tips Tricks

Mobile phones Tips and Tricks

Along with free unlock codes for mobiles I added few Mobile phone tips and tricks.

Tip 1
For Nokia N-Gage User: - you can install .sis files directly to your mobile by simply using the cable given with your mobile phones. Just do the following
Plug cable to your mobile, place the .sis file anywhere on (MMC) and not in any folders then disconnect the cable and look for it in File Manager. You can find it there

Tip 2
By regularly checking the task manager which can be accessed by holding down the menu button you can save on battery and system memory being used by mobile phone and this make your mobile working smoothly.You can put your query about Unlock code for mobile phones in comment section

Tip 3
It is advisable to keep your Bluetooth off or set cellular phone visibility to hidden this will avoid being "blue jacked" .You can check this by searching blue tooth device from your mobile when you at public place say at garden or shopping mall or stadium.
Tip 6
You can save memory when installing apps by Bluetooth. This is done by using the nokia phone suite and a serial Bluetooth connection. This trick only work with .sis files

Tip 4
When you view picture in your mobile phone, here is few shortcut keys.
5 - Zoom in.
0 - Zoom out.
* - Toggle on/off of full screen
1 - Turn image anticlockwise.
3 - Turn image clockwise.

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Tip 5
Following Formats of images are supported:

Tip 6
You can record entire talk on phone by the (sound) Recorder.
Go to Manu -- Extra's-- Recorder -- Options -- Record sound clip.
Note: Short beeps are audible during call registration.
There are also some software available for this.

Tip 7
When you are writing text,
Press hass"#" to switch between upper and lower case
Press and hold "#" to switch between Alpha mode and Number mode.

Tip 8
If you are in stand by mode and want to check contacts.
Press scroll key center (joystick) this will take you directly to Contacts.

Tip 9
Now most of us using mobile phone for time instead of clock. If you have your key lock activated then just press the on/off button of your mobile phone to turn on your backlight to look at the time when it's dark without having to unlock the keypad.

Tip 10
You can disconnect to your GPRS session by Keep the Red Call End button pressed.
Tip 11
You can switch between phone lines by keeping the hash "#" button.


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please help me unlock Vodafone ZTE225.

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i want the codes to know my number from different network....

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do these codes work in canada..I know some codes are strictly for the UK or USA..and if these codes can be used in Canada...where do I enter the code?

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Good one.

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do you have unlock code for nokia lumia 625 on orange uk please can you help

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do you have a code for a nokia lumia 625 on orange uk please

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Nokia zte t116a " no u sim detected" code plz

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Nokia zte t116a " no u sim detected" code plz